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Multiple reads on the same offset


Version .504 - Windows 10


I'm seeing a lot of reads with the same offset, so it seems like it is downloading it multiple times:




Seems weird that it would download the file at the same offset, especially when it is not marked as a retry?


And as usual, i would like to push for the feature request:




It is marked as "Normal" but is a feature which makes the drive unusable for me, due to the severe speed limitations and the fact that i will have to reupload everything once it is in :( Shouldn't this have a higher priority than "Normal"?


There is a lot more people than just me with high speed connections, so it might be me nagging, but a lot more is waiting for it, as seen in the Google Drive For Work thread!

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Honestly, I'm not sure here.  (this is definitely one of the much more technical aspects of the software, and I'd rather have a right answer for you, than a guess). 


I've flagged the question for Alex (and it's marked as critical, so he should get to it soon).



However, I suspect that this is normal and may be related to something the software is doing. But again, since I'm not sure ....





As for the partial chunk size, I'll push it again.  



Though, Alex has been running consistency checks on all of the providers, and has been looking into a potential corruption issue that Modplan has ran into. (any corruption issues always get top priority, because of their nature). 

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