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Disable drive pool?


Wondering if there is a way to disable drive pool and then re-enable it?


The situation is that I need to remove several drives temporarily and don't want drivepool to think anything is wrong.  I'm hoping there is a way to disable drivepool (surviving multiple reboots) and then after I re install all the drives. start drive pool and have it be unaware anything happened.


Going to be replacing an OS drive  (cloning it) and don't want anything to go wrong wih the pool.



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The easy way to do this?

Set the drives in the pool as offline.


To do this, open up Disk Management on the system (run "diskmgmt.msc"). Find the disks in question, right click on the section on the left side of the disk and select "Offline".  Repeat this for all of the disks in the pool. 


The first disk(s) will show as missing until all of the disks are offline, and then the pool will "disappear". 

And it will remain this way until you manually mark the disks as online (same process, but "Online" instead of offline). 


Otherwise, unplug the disks. 

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