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Unable to create a new drive in Windows 10


I have just begun my testing of CloudDrive and I'm already running into an issue with creating a new on my unlimited Google Drive account. I've tried on two machines so far, and while I was able to create a drive at first, I destroyed it and tried creating another and now anytime I try to create a drive the formatting never completes. I moved to another Windows 10 machine and installed the trial there and I can't create a drive even the first time there. Sometimes the formatting times out and I see an RPC server unavailable error in the CloudDrive GUI. Sometimes the drive just stays uninitialized. This is on the latest 64-bit beta build


Here's the settings I am testing at the moment, though I've varied most of them and still saw a problem creating the drive.


Drive name: GDU

Drive size: 20TB

Local cache: 1GB and autounlock set

Drive Encryption : On with pass key

Local cache drive D: (my second, non-system SSD)

Sector Size: 8kb

Storage Chunk size: 100mb

Chunk cache size: 100mb

Verify chunk integrity: on

Format and assign: on


That knight-rider status bar switches from yellow (formatting) to green (status) and then back to yellow (pinning data) and then back to green, but I never see a new drive letter appear. This is also the time when I get the RPC server unavaiable error. (HRESULT: 0x800706BA).

When I look at the disk in disk management, it just shows a 20TB RAW formatted parttition. If I try to format it, the format dialog does not show a file system or allocation unit size in the dropdown, so I can't proceed. What should I try next?

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Weird, using the newest build here with Cloud Drive on Windows 10 with no issues if i only do one drive at a time!

(System goes crazy if i try to mount multiple drives at the same time, so i have to do them one by one to avoid this)



Enable drive tracing under "Troubleshooting" and try again. After that send in the logs to the cloud drive team so they can have a look:



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