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Wrong read errors


I have to drives: one USB-Drive and one of SATA drive attached to an external eSATA case (the latter of which reports a wrong disk size of 1000 instead of other tools and the windows disk manager).


I did a "chkdsk /f /r" which also scans the surface and I have no read errors at all!

However, when I start a StableBit scanner, it produces lots of read errors.


What is wrong?

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Hi I have had a similar issue in the past even wd tools scanned the drive as ok, I left the drive in and told scanner to ignor the errors and touch wood a year on and it's been fine but that was a risk I took, its up to to you what you do maybe a full format, check disk and maybe use the manufacturer tools I know if you rma a good drive they will send it back at your expense I think scanner is a little sensitive at times. But it's your choice and risk

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 Is this a WD Passport, by chance?


Regardless, please install the latest beta of StableBit Scanner. There are some disk "IDENTIFY" issues that are resolved in this build.



WHS/WS Essentials: http://dl.covecube.com/ScannerWhs2/beta/download/StableBit.Scanner_2.5.2.3116_BETA.wssx

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Glad to hear it, and yeah, the issue is related. Specifically, an issue with the "IDENTIFY" command, and what it returns. We changed how it was handled in the public beta, but that broke it for other disks/controllers.  And fixing it was ... a bit complicated.


In case you're curious, here's the specific change log entries in question.



* Apply the corrected size / bytes per sector / sector counts to the sector map on each service start.
* When correcting the size of the drive, also correct the bytes per sector and the sector count, but only if we can 
  validate the last sector.
* When reading the disk signature from the disk using Direct I/O, use the real bytes per sector. Some drives (like the 
  WD My Passport) will show up, incorrectly, as having 4096 bytes per (virtual) sector.
* When correcting the total size of the drive, validate the last sector before applying the new size. While this works 
  for most drives, some drives (like the WD My Passport) will report an incorrect size.
* If a manual scan was started on some disk, then automatic scanning was toggled on, and the disk that was being scanned 
  manually was not scheduled to scan, then the manual scan could not be stopped afterwards. Also, the service would not 
  shut down properly in this state.
* [issue #14557] Added DirectIO_DoNotCorrectSize advanced setting. When set to True, we won't correct the drive size 
                 based on the data that we get back from the disk directly. The service will need to be restarted for 
                 this to take effect.
* [issue #13478] Use the sector count reported by IDENTIFY if the sector count reported by Windows is smaller.
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