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Licence transfer WHS2011 Windows 7?


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That's good news, thanks for clarifying.


I don't use it for any other purpose now than to access media files. I've got a 1TB USB drive attached directly to the router where I can put any files I want to access when away from home, and is also a mapped drive on all the local devices for easy access and moving files around,.and as the router is always on, no need to power up a WHS.


The Music, TV and Movies that get served to the HTPC are the only files now on the WHS2011. I'm thinking I'd may as well put the pooled drives into the HTPC, and save on running an extra PC. I did think about putting the HTPC software onto the WHS, but that wouldn't be a good solution.


Oh, and forgot about TeamViewer which as a private user I can use for free, which enables me to remotely connect to any home PC and be on the local network from anywhere.

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Okay, those are definitely good reasons. And i can definitely understanding want to reduce your "footprint", as well as electricity bill. :)


Well, everything but the TeamViewer... WHS2011 comes with a "Remote Desktop Gateway" which allows you to remote desktop into other machines on the network. Including the server. But it does "take over" the computer.

There is also VNC, which works much like Team Viewer.

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