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New Setup, Windows Server 2012 R2


I finally bit the bullet and got Windows Server 2012R2.  I plan on using my drivepool for the client backup folder and a separate 2TB usb drive for server backups.  Are there still any problems with having the client backup on the pool, I remember there being issues that prevented it from working.  The new system is setup and running and I just got my pool re-attached to the server, PLEX seems to be working again as well.  Now setting up the client backups is the only thing remaining.  Server R2 does seem to be "snappier" than WSE, and runs much more quickly on my server hardware.  WSE just started to have too many connector issues with the clients after they were updated to Windows 10, 2 upgrades failed with the black screen of death and required full drive restores from server backups to save them.  Kind of why I want to get backup working again asap. 


My question to the audience is will my above scenario work?  Client backups to the pool and server backups to an "off line" usb drive.


By the way, Stablebit Drivepool has been the most bullet proof software I have ever used, 4 different server OS's and the pool marches on with no loss of data.  Now if only Microsoft could do so well.



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There shouldn't be any issues with the Client Backup Database being stored on the pool. That is one of the designed scenarios for the Pool.



In a lot of the cases with this, the underlying problems tend to turn out to be a problem drive in the pool. Where it wasn't reporting any issues, but eventually failed and when was removed, the problems went away. 


This may not always be the case, but it has been for a few people.



That said, I and Alex store the Client Backup Database folder on the pool without any issues.



However, I would highly recommend enabling duplication for the Client Backup Database, and leave realtime duplication enabled. That should help prevent any issues from popping up.

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