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Mapped & Connected Drive Shows Empty


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I am a first time user of StableBit CloudDrive. I have connected StableBit to my Google Drive. I have sized the Cloud Drive at 2TB and the PC Cache at 500MB. The mapped drive on my Windows 10 PC is showing as Empty. The Google Drive Cloud has nearly 1 TB of information. Am I missing a setup step?

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i do not use StableBit CloudDrive, but i think i see the problem here, after many years reading these forums before licensing and using SB products.

existing data on a cloud provider (files, folders, etc.) will not be seen by a SB CloudDrive once it is created.  something to do with how the drive is created and obfuscated at a block/chunk level.  all data on a new CloudDrive must be uploaded from the user to the newly created CloudDrive before it is seen in the CloudDrive, regardless of whether the data already exists and is accessible by logging on to Google Drive and using their browser/whatever UI.

when/if Shane or Christopher respond, i'm quite sure they will tell you the same thing, albeit providing much more useful technical info.  in the meantime, reading the manual and the FAQ may help.



IOW, this is just telling you what to expect while you are scratching your head wondering :)


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CloudDrive drives take up a certain amount of space on a provider's service even when "empty", expanding as required to accommodate data uploaded to the provider; that minimum is determined by a combination of the drive metadata and the API of the provider.

That said, 1TB would be way (way, way, way) too high for a brand new empty 2TB drive. Is that actually the size that Google is claiming is being used specifically by the CloudDrive folder* within your Google Drive account, or as VapechiK suggests do you have other files already stored elsewhere in your Google Drive account that would represent most of that?

*(for file-based cloud storage, e.g. Google Drive, basically the CloudDrive drive you see on your computer is translated to and from a bunch of a files kept inside a unique folder on your storage provider's drive by the CloudDrive software)

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Vapechik & Shane,

Thank you both for your responses. Unfortunately I am giving up on Stablefit Cloud. When I try to open it, it gives me a Modify Screen where my only 3 options are Modify, Uninstall or Close. If I modify, I need to restart. When I open the app after the restart I get the same Modify Screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but got the same endless Modify Options screen.

Thanks again for your feedback.


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