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Can I make a C: drivePool (the drive letter where windows resides)?



The main reason I looked into DrivePool is its ability to automatically mirror the content and to expand by simply adding drives if I ever need to.   I am now looking into all the possible issues to determine if it works *for me* and whether it is time to buy a license or to look for an alternative.


DrivePool obviously covers very well how to create a "new" drivePool for data, but since backup/mirror is my primary concern... I must be able to backup/mirror the C (windows) drive too.  Hence this question:


1) Is there a procedure for taking the Windows C drive and end up with a Windows C drivePool?  Or is this not supported?


2) If not supported, what is the "best practice" or perhaps "recommended product" to go along with DrivePool to achieve automatic backup and/or mirror of the C drive?  I ask because even if DrivePool doesn't support it, it doesn't make the need go away and it must be a very common concern... with a well know answer.



Note:  I asked this already as a followup to a support ticket a couple days ago.  But it wasn't as clear and I didn't see a way to edit it.  This is an attempt to be clearer.


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