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Can one run applications and games from a drivepool?


In the old forum there's a thread with a similar question: http://forum.covecube.com/discussion/718/can-you-run-applications-and-steam-and-other-games-from-a-drivepool/p1


This question is not answered in that threat both because drivepool couldn't be installed on win 7-8 and because they were talking about launching over network.


I'm asking if it's possible to install to the drivepool on windows 8? Haven't tried it yet though because I would like to know if it could damage the drivepool or something similar.


Thanks in advance


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It definitely should not damage the pool.  



However, as lee has indicated, not all programs may like running on the pool, due to how it works. So, it's basically trial and error.

And it shouldn't corrupt settings data, if it's stored in the same folder.


What programs specifically, did you have in mind?

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Everything ;-)


I was stupid to only buy a 120 gb ssd and now I don't have enough space. The games and programs of today weight a lot more than they used to.


I'm astonished that a game like Guild Wars 2 fills my disk with a whopping 25 gb of data. 256 gb ssd wouldn't be enough either and that's where the problem is.

I can't afford a 512 gb or 1 tb ssd right now.


It's been some years since I've played any games and in those years they have becomed OBESE, so to speak ;-)



I've made a program files folder in a non-pooled area of one of the hdd's. I was just thinking it would be a better idea to have it in the pool :-)


Thanks for the answers. Will try to make a program files folder in the pool and see how it works. Atleast until my wallet has made itself fatter ;-)

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haha!  And yes, very true. Most games are 20GBs or larger anymore. And then there are the patches.... and heavens forbid if you live in somewhere with limited bandwidth. Especially on patch days...



But yeah, for the most part, it *should* work. It really does depend on the program though. Some do things they should, or use features that could cause issues. So it's trial and error. If you do run into issues, then definitely let us know.


Also, you can use a pooled disk for the installation. It will count against the available space, and be counted as "other" in the GUI.

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