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Removing empty folder



Hello guys 

Stablebit Drivepool new be here

I've been using this for 1 week and I am encountering a small issue


I have my drive W, X, Y pooled together into one Z drive

The issue is that 

I've made a balence rule to keep folder "abracadabra" in X and Y drive only

so the folder "abracadabra" and it's sub-folders and files are inside X and Y drive now. (they have size and are occupying the space)

but I also see the "abracadabra" folder and it's empty sub folders in W. ( 0byte, 0file and they are not occupying the space)

The balance process has been completed a day ago and even after sevral balance operation

the empty "abracadabra" folder is still in the "W" drive

I know there is nothing inside that folder but I've seen some topics here where admin is saying

"the empty folders are in fact not empty"

so I am afraid to remove the empty folder (even the balance is completed a day ago ...)

Does the admin mean that the empty folder has something inside of it during the balance process ? (I can understand this one if that's the case I can remove the empty folder now because the balance is completed)

or even after the balance process (I can't understand this one and I am not sure so I can't remove the empty folder now)

any help would be grateful  


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DrivePool does not automatically remove empty folders from poolparts during balancing (basically for redundancy reasons; some pool metadata is stored as AD streams attached to the folders and the "space cost" of this is normally very low).

The upshot is that so long as the "abracadabra" folder tree is showing 0 bytes (as an administrator) and does not contain any hidden system folders (e.g. $recycle.bin or system volume information) then it can be safely removed manually while the DrivePool service is stopped; the only thing you'd "lose" is some extra redundancy.


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