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Amazon Cloud Drive - Error: HTTP Status BadRequest





after one month my Cloud drive connected to Amazon cloud drive stopped working at all. I have to licences and both stopped with the error from subject. Now I have a week of waiting, un/re/installing. The error ocurence is every 20-40 seconds

The cache drives are full and the data never uploaded. I can still browse my data. I can still see downloads in your window but no uploads. 


The Amazon cloud drive can be browsed just fine and another software that uses Amazon cloud drive is working just fine on one of my computers (SYNCBACK).


I sent a message to your support last week. No answer.


Any ideas on how to move on?


This product worked so well for me. Oh!


Best regards,


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I don't have any records of unanswered tickets. Do you know what ticket number it was?




As for the Amazon Cloud Drive, ... comparing how it works to SyncBack may not be a good comparison. The two products work fundamentally different. 

Specifically, we use binary data, and it needs to stay binary data. However for SyncBack, it shouldn't matter how the data is classified, as be classified as pictures/documents/videos shouldn't be a problem for them, but can cause issues with data retrieval for us. 


Additionally, the "Bad Request" is what the official Amazon API is returning to us. There are a number of errors what get generated and that we automatically retry on. THis is definitely one of them, but a lot of these indicates an issue.


And from the sounds of it, Amazon is having some serious infrastructure issues with their Cloud Drive product. 

The development account limits the connection speed that can be used, and the more people that use the product, the more it gets throttled. However, we did have that limit lifted when it was approved for production, but we had at least one user that was uploading at 50MB/s (yes, MB/s) and Amazon "fixed" the issue by reinstating the development status (and thereby throttling us again). 




Unfortunately, since this isn't an issue on our end, I'm not sure what we can really do here.  I don't think that Amazon realized how popular that Cloud Drive was going to be and have been overwhelmed by its usage.

The reason that I say that, is pretty much the only time we've gotten a response for the numerous emails we've sent them for numerous issues is when the Amazon database servers were partially down last week. 

We would really like to continue to include Amazon Cloud Drive in StableBit CloudDrive, but until their issues are resolved, ... the best I can do is to tell you to use a different provider (which really bothers me, because it's a really, really nice solution, despite it's numerous issues)

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Hi Drashna,


Thank you for your time. I was expecting your answer. 

No, I do not have any ticket number. It was something in the matrix at the time I hit send I think. i was expecting some feedback but didn't receive. 

I had no time to check on this at the time and I considered it sent. No problem. 


I want to be clear on this: I understand that you still want to support this provider and you do as much as possible. So, I can hope that amazon get stabilised in a way or another and maybe at that point you will make it work. If they do not drop API support...


Ok. It was nice. I still love your products (I bought also DrivePool for me, and also for friends and clients).

I will keep trying.


And I see Backblaze B2 at horizon. Are you?


Best regards from Dracula's country!

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Well, we really do want to support Amazon Cloud Drive. It's the best offering right now (unlimited data, "no throttling" and very cheap ($60/year). But until Amazon gets stuff sorted and stabilized .... there may not be anything that we can really do to fix any of the issues you're seeing. At best, we can work around them, which is what we've been doing...


And I don't think that Amazon plans on dropping their API support. 



As for BackBlaze B2, we've definitely seen it and have added it to the requested list. And I need to update the forum post about the enterprise providers. Backblaze may be significantly cheaper than the competition, but for "power users" like myself, it's not a cheap solution.




And glad to hear it about our products! Though if you just have StableBit DrivePool, you should at least check out StableBit Scanner, as well!

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Amazon's cloud drive reliability has been an issue for me as well. I get tons of I/O errors. You would think they of all people would have experience with this already and know what to do.

I know, right?!


But apparently, it's a completely different team that doesn't interact with the S3 team (at least, that's my guess, and what it appears like).


In fact, I'm not sure why they didn't just use the S3 infrastructure. ....

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I would have thought Amazon would be a bit more keen to support you guys. With the way you guys have made intelligent local caching, I would have thought there would be far less network usage at their end (though maybe a higher overall file and request count) than other offerings that they do support.


It's bizarre they would revoke production status of an entire product due to the way a single user was using it. Seems rather disproportionate - throttle the user sure, but not the whole product. Are you sure that was their reasoning? Perhaps the default thread count of 10 was causing a higher load than it was built for, though I do see you've since lowered it to 2. Would be nice if they were more communicative with you guys. I've mentioned it before, but there is an amazon dev forum in which Amazon employees post that might be of use to you guys.


Seeing as I'm now locked in with Amazon for at least a yaer (I had purchased with the sole intention of using it with CloudDrive), I've started playing with acdcli for backups in order to get my moneys worth. It's quite nice seeing full 2MB/s uploads to Amazon now, though without the local caching reads aren't as fast (as its backup only its not so much of an issue), and its certainly not as ideal as CloudDrive will be once things finally get sorted.

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