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  1. Hi Drashna, Thank you for your time. I was expecting your answer. No, I do not have any ticket number. It was something in the matrix at the time I hit send I think. i was expecting some feedback but didn't receive. I had no time to check on this at the time and I considered it sent. No problem. I want to be clear on this: I understand that you still want to support this provider and you do as much as possible. So, I can hope that amazon get stabilised in a way or another and maybe at that point you will make it work. If they do not drop API support... Ok. It was nice. I still
  2. Hi, after one month my Cloud drive connected to Amazon cloud drive stopped working at all. I have to licences and both stopped with the error from subject. Now I have a week of waiting, un/re/installing. The error ocurence is every 20-40 seconds The cache drives are full and the data never uploaded. I can still browse my data. I can still see downloads in your window but no uploads. The Amazon cloud drive can be browsed just fine and another software that uses Amazon cloud drive is working just fine on one of my computers (SYNCBACK). I sent a message to your support last week. No
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