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Issue with one client since upgrade to Win 10


I have successfully upgraded all 4 of my home network computers to Windows 10.  My problem is that one client, my desktop, will not open/connect to the dashboard anymore.  All the other computers connect fine and none needed to have the connector re-installed.  My desktop backs up fine and I have full access to the shared folders on the server.  Remote desktop works fine also.  I thought maybe the connector was corrupted so I un-installed and re-installed it.  No change, everything works except the dashboard.  I shut down both anti-malware programs on the desktop (Malwarebytes & Norton Security) in case they were interfering , though they are running fine on the other three computers.  No change.  Could this be a permissions thing?  Last time I upgraded (to windows 8.1) I had to run the program to reset permissions on the pool to get things working again, could be something similar?  I have also noticed that some folders on the server are showing empty when I know they are not and nothing has been done to them such as moving or copying.  This too was a permissions thing last time it happened.  Ran the tool and presto, they were back.  By the way, I could use a link to the version that will run on windows 8/10, I seem to have lost my copy.  I had to use the older version for some reason last time.  Other than the non-functional dashboard on one client, everything is fine and all computers are backing up ok.  This is an annoyance not a show stopper.  But it does have me stumped as to why and how to fix it.  Any help would be appreciated.  All clients win 10, server is windows server 2012 essentials (not R2) drivepool running on server with 14 TB of storage, computer having issues is hard wired to server by gigabit Ethernet, rest are wi-fi, backup drive is not in the pool.  All clients and server are up to date with all updates.  This all worked great before the upgrade, and the one computer giving problems is the one I thought would upgrade the smoothest.



Never mind about the WSS troubleshooter downloads, I found links to both versions.

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Try connecting again. If that doesn't help, try the following:


Open the Device Manager (devmgmt.msc), and find the Network Adapter in question. make the following changes:

Flow control: on (client and server)

"checksum" or "Offload": Off (client and server)
jumbo frames: off or default (client or server)
Green Ethernet: off (this decreases the power used, and for me seems to cause issues, Client and Server)
Interrupt Moderation: off (client and server)

Do this on both, reboot the systems, and see if that helps.


If it doesn't, then try running "ipconfig /all" on the "affected" client and on one of the good clients and see if there any differences for the gateway, or DNS settings.

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Fixed the problem!  Google is again my brain, I found this link to Microsoft's forum where a guy had a corrupt file opening the dashboard.  He deleted the file and windows re-created it error free.  His dashboard and now mine work great again.  Thank you for your help Drasha, I was getting frustrated with this because I knew it would be some small thing like this and take forever to hunt down.

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