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Pool not coming back online after reboot



Currently running DP on a Win 10 x64 22H2 NAS server system with an Intel Z370 chipset.

Power ioptions are set to never sleep and hibernation is disabled.  The advanced power settings say to turn off the hard disk after 20 minutes.  The boot drive is an SSD and there are 8 HDDs as a mixture of Seagate Ironwolf, WD Red and WD Green drives.

When I "Shut down" the system normally from the Start menu, and then turn it back on with the power butten all is ok.

When I select "Restart" from the start menu, when the system restarts the pool drive is unavailable.

The computer is mostly managed remotely via VNC, etc, so a trip to the computer room is not ideal for every reboot.  This particular configuration is a bit of a new build, so I'm not sure if it was working and something changed or it never worked right.  However, I've had this pool of drives in other systems/motherboards like a Z170 and Z77 without this symptom. I've also been a DP user for 10 years or so with multiple keys and installs.


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If the Windows 10 Fast Startup feature is enabled, which is the default, when you do a normal Shutdown it will snapshot an image of the current kernel, drivers, and system state in memory to disk and then on boot it'll load from the image but if you do a Restart it doesn't take the snapshot and instead performs a Normal Start where it goes through the normal process of loading the kernel, the drivers and system state component-by-component from the boot drive etc.

So if it's the Restart that makes the pool drive unavailable, that would suggest the issue is occurring during the normal full boot process. I'd try looking in DrivePool's Cog->Troubleshooting->Service Log after a Restart fails to make the drive available, to see if there are any clues there - e.g. it might just be something is timing out the find-and-mount routine, in which case you can increase the CoveFs_WaitFor***Ms entries as described in https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_2.x_Advanced_Settings until it picks up.

If you're still stuck after looking at the Log, you can request a support ticket via StableBit's contact form.

EDIT: made it clearer that only the CoveFs_WaitFor***Ms entries (i.e. the ones ending in Ms) are to be changed. The wiki mentions CoveFs_WaitForVolumesOnMount without the Ms, that's a deprecated entry that isn't used by newer versions of DrivePool.

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On 10/4/2023 at 3:51 PM, Shane said:

I'd try looking in DrivePool's Cog->Troubleshooting->Service Log after a Restart fails to make the drive available, to see if there are any clues there


I checked that service log but I don't see any errors.  I think the problem is not necessarily DP's fault.  If I look at Disk Administrator none of the drives for the pool are shown there.  So I guess something in the BIOS or HBA isn't correctly resetting the drives on a Windows restart?  As I say, I can do a full power shutdown and turn on and the drives and system come back up fine.

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