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Just a question of clarification before I jump in.  (I *love* this cloud drive concept and am excited to implement it!)


Is OneDrive personal currently NOT supported?    Is this because of the goofy way it's implemented currently in Windows 8.1 with the placeholders?    As OneDrive is my primary cloud storage (with my Office 365 I of course get unlimited storage there!) I'm excited to be able to not only get it off of it's own drive (since I can't even put it on a pool right now) but to actually integrate it INTO my pool!)


What's the status prognosis for OneDrive?


Thanks, guys!


Been using DrivePool since build 475 and so cool to see it has come SO far!!

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We have a thread for this already, actually (because it's a common question):



But basically, the reason is that it's throttled so badly, that it's unusable.  Specifically, when retrying for file chunks, you want to do so in seconds, at worst. The API and documentation can specify upwards of an HOUR to reattempt.  That's... unusable. 


Additionally, the speed to which it throttles you is ... very very slow.



You can enable the provider (details on how to do so are included in the link above), if you want ... but we recommend avoiding it for now. 




And glad to hear it! And glad that you like what we're doing!

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