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How To: Get SMART data passed on from ESXI 5.1 Host


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Yeah, it sounds like getting those files off the SSD, even just as a backup, is the best course of action until you can replace that disk.


Also, I can't copy out these VMDK files, I'm getting errors. And I can't remove the SSD because I get an error that it is in use. 


The main issue is that I can't create the RDM because it is grayed out though. I feel I need to get the SSD out of the system and/or get those VMDK files for the RDMs gone before I can do anything.

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It is always something fun.


So, I maxed out my boot SSD, and moved my machines to a new SSD. I still don't have the ability to directly create an RDM to my physical drives, but now I can't even create manual VMDKs like I have in the past. I just get the following error:

Failed to create virtual disk: Function not implemented (2490377)


I have no idea what I have done here, but I really want to get these servers back up and running.


Nevermind, I finally remembered what I was doing wrong on creating the RDM's manually. Forgot to put the target volume name in.

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