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Google Drive/Photos on a Pool?


Good evening!


Going to start using Google Photos (newly announced, and it's good!) for my photos/videos.    I have sufficient data here to warrant wanting to put this stuff on my pool.   However, based on my experience with OneDrive, I know that sometimes these cloud services don't always play nice with DrivePool.    Can anyone tell me whether or not Google Drive works with DrivePool?


A second question slightly related...


If it doesn't work, and I go to put my Google Drive on one of my larger drives (which is part of the pool, but the data would be outside the pool) will I have to manually remove pooled data from the drive if I need to make room for non-pooled data, or will be balancer do that on its own as the amount of available space for the pool on the drive slowly decreases?  (I have it set to have an equal percentage full on each drive).

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Google Drive itself plays fine with the Pool. 


OneDrive doesn't because of how the file are stored (some weird file system trick, and only in Windows 8.1).



As for placing the file, the "Prevent Drive Overfill" should clear out the rive if it gets too full.

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