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Any way to rescan only bad blocks?



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hi.  click the + sign on the left of the drive, then the green circular arrow and if bad blocks exist, the red circular arrow should be selectable from the dropdown.  click it and then click the blue > button and i 'assume' Scanner will prioritize those blocks and scan only them if the rest of the drive is healthy (the sector map is neon green).

a few months ago i had a weird power issue and i think the MFT was somehow corrupted on a couple of my BU drives, so the only blocks marked bad were the very first ones on the bottom right.  i did the above and Scanner ran a chkdsk pass and cleaned them up very quickly.  if you have actual damaged sectors deep in the drive YMMV.


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Yup.  If you mark the bad blocks as unchecked, it will attempt to scan those blocks at the next available time (typically immediately).  If the rest of the disk is marked as healthy, it will only scan these blocks (as it only scans sections of the disk that are not checked or haven't been checked in the normal scan window (30 days).


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