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i personally hate Christopher from the support


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I had a really large amount of files and was about to buy a stablebit license. 50 pcs.
Then I realized that the information this guy gave me was wrong.
now i have to spend hundreds of euros again and try again for days so i can recover my files.
wake up guys my files are jammed by this stablebit and it takes a lot of money and effort to access them.

if you have a dropbox trial account and the trial is over, you definitely cannot mount it using stablebit.





lets see this guys delete this topic fastly or not. if deleted not important i will go reddit :)

i already went twitter.

I HATE YOU NOOB Christopher 

customers deserve better then you!

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buyrak, I'm not seeing anything incorrect in Christopher's statement that you uploaded. If you're using a provider, data is stored on the provider; that's the point of using a provider. And if the account becomes read-only, it should thus still be readable. Etc.

Did you attempt to manually enable read-only mounting of the drive as Christopher suggested? (The relevant instructions in the manual can be found here.)

I've also checked Dropbox's documentation and it states a trial ends either by it being cancelled or by it automatically moving to a paid subscription, and that upon cancelling a trial (or subscription), "You’ll retain access to all your files and folders, as well as any content that was shared with you. Your account will be limited to the 2 GB storage quota of Dropbox Basic. If you exceed that limit, your account will stop syncing to your devices."

So if Dropbox itself is saying "you can still access your files" but that's not actually the case, that's not StableBit's fault. Now it may be that Dropbox's idea of "you can still access your files" is actually only via their website or some other restricted mechanism (I have not personally attempted to connect CloudDrive to an expired Dropbox account, but I am willing to test it if someone is willing to provide me with lawful access to one); that's also not StableBit's fault.

(we won't even get into how it looks when someone blames Party A because Party B is no longer providing a commercial service they aren't getting paid for to someone)

However, all that said, if you can still at least download the CloudPart folder (including everything within) from your Dropbox account via whatever mechanism Dropbox still  claims to allow you, there is a CloudDrive command-line tool to convert the folder into a format that can be accessed by CloudDrive's own Local Disk provider. Let me or StableBit know if you need help with that.

Finally, as a (volunteer) moderator: I at least won't be deleting your post. First, as Christopher appears polite and factual in the response, I suggest your post reflects rather more poorly on you than it does them or StableBit. Second, while your post comes across to me as immature and one-sided (generally when complaining to a forum about a company's response, one should include the question that prompted that response), it would still be useful to the community to know how cancelling a Dropbox account affects its accessibility in CloudDrive - especially if that may have changed from how it worked previously and/or we can get confirmation.

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I have to say with all courtesy that I don't care how my post looks to you.
I talked to Alex and he just made an update to the beta version because of this and it's working perfectly now.

Also, although I wrote in the support ticket that I wanted to talk to Alex, Christopher did not take any action.

Even when I had no ties to your company other than being a customer, I was more result-oriented than Christopher, even when I had no idea about the operation.
Christopher is definitely one person who shouldn't be working on stablebit, at least that's how I think.

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I think the stablebit cloud drive was trying to send data to the cloud side while mounting, but since this is a dropbox trial version and it expired, it couldn't do it and the mount was failing as a result. it was giving no space error.

but thanks to Alex he solved this problem in just a few hours.

I know very well that if I hadn't lost control and tried to reach Alex, hadn't tweeted, hadn't sent a support ticket to the company, had stayed with Christopher, this problem wouldn't have been solved.

here you are my proof. clearly ignoring my requests.



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Sometimes escalating is necessary and gets things done ASAP, but it's also important to step back for a moment and ask, "Am I taking out my frustration on someone who is at least trying to be helpful?" As I understand it StableBit is a small team, and a thing I've found dealing with customer support at many companies over decades is that they're almost always overworked. Politeness and thanking them for what they are able to do, e.g. "thankyou for the explanation, did you miss my last request about the older versions?", can go a long way.

Joining the company's community forums to (constructively) complain about a frustrating problem or experience? Sure, go for it! Emotional insults, no. As a volunteer I'm not always around but I do enjoy helping people on these forums; I've never had to officially warn someone but the button is still there (spammers don't count, that's a different button) and the opening post did get reported to the moderators for incendiary content.

I don't know if your request for previous versions was answered in another response, but for future reference those can be found here. I hope CloudDrive works out for you now that the problem's solved.

Please do feel free to ask the community (in a new thread) if you need further help with CloudDrive or other StableBit software.

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