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SSD Optimizer - Issues with file placement rules being ignored when Balancing



I've done a clean Windows Install and I must have forgotten how to setup the "SSD Optimizer" plug in correctly for File Placement.  This is the only plugin I have active and I've got:

- SSD checked for the SSD and Archive checked for the spinning rust

- On file Placement I've checked a couple of folders I want to remain only on the SSD for performance reasons.  I've also marked these folders as "Never allow files to be placed on any other disks"

This seems to work correctly in that files are moved onto the SSD, but.... When I run a "Re-Balance" these files are then copied OFF the SSD back to the HDD.

Any thoughts?



Pic of setting --> https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkiTPpgNxBQV8B-pmaKvnfgyVLLU?e=XCrZeG


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