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  1. jmone's post in Q: Thinking of migrating from Drive Bender was marked as the answer   
    Well that is "easy" so far, similar to the other thread on how to migrate all I did was:
    - Install DrivePool and the Plugins
    - Created a DrivePool using the Same Disks as DriveBender
    - Added a drive Letter to each HDD
    - Stopped the DriveBender and Stablebit DrivePool Services in services.msc
    - On each HDD, moved the folders with content from the DriveBender to the DrivePool folders (eg not Recycle Bin, Vol Info etc), this only took a few minutes as it is a move not a copy process
    - Rebooted
    - Removed Drive Letters for the physical HDD
    - Changed the Drive Letter and Name for the "Old / Now Empty" Drive Bender pool
    - Changed the Drive Letter and Name for the "New / Full" Stablebit DrivePool to what I was using before
    - Rebooted
    ...and not only is all my "stuff" where it should be, but the Windows Permissions, and UNC Shares were automatically re-established.
    To test:
    - Ran a FreeFileSync compare over this new Pool vs my Backup Pool (Drive Bender) and all looks good (I got one sub folder with a permission issue but it may have been as I was doing the compare while also changing other things.  2nd compare was fine).
    - I use JRiver Media Center and did a missing File check (both on a Local and a Networked PC) = All good
    So far Pretty Impressed.  Lets see how it goes over a week or so (I've Left DriveBender installed and working, just with no content in the folders). 
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