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Junction points & symbolic links keep being recreated. How to clean reparse points / folder metadata?





Windows 11 Pro x64 22H2 2261.1265



I've encountered/solved this problem once before, but I don't remember what ended up working.

I used to have a junction point E:\Downloads, which pointed to C:\Downloads.

I deleted this junction point, and created a new one E:\Downloads, which now points to D:\Downloads.

Every time I reboot my computer, the junction point gets replaced with one that points to C:\Downloads.

If I create an empty folder E:\Downloads and reboot my computer, it also gets replaced with a junction point, pointing to C:\Downloads.

If I delete E:\Downloads and reboot my computer, I can create a new folder E:\Downloads, which immediately gets replaced with a junction point.

It's as if there's some 'old' drivepool metadata that doesn't get cleared out when I delete the folder/junction point.

E:\ is my Drivepool. C:\ and D:\ are physical disks, which aren't part of the pool.

Is there any way to tell Drivepool to do housekeeping, and blow out this old metadata for folders/junction points which no longer exist?



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