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Damaged File System Error Will Not Clear


Title says it all.... Damaged File System Error Will Not Clear.


1) Removed drive from pool,

2) Reformatted HDD

3) Re-added drive to pool.

4) Forced Scanner to rescan drive


Error persists in scanner.


5) double checked with the windows disk check and it return OK.


Now what? (I just started a 2nd scan)


I also noticed that even with a corrupted file system, DrivePool was still reading and writing data to that drive. I know that the drive will evacuate on a SMART error but it doesn't look like that happens with any other error???


Scanner Version : BETA


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I saw that, because of some earlier posts you made in this thread. What I'm asking is if setting All Checked Blocks as Unchecked to initiate a scan will cause the file system to be checked as well, so it can automatically set itself to Healthy.

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Ah. I think I've got it now (takes me a while, often). OK, I will set it using the File Scan section. Thanks.


UPDATE: just set "Mark all filesystems as unchecked" for the 2 drives that were indicating file system damage, and they're both now scanning their file system. Thanks again.

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