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  1. I get around the data loss problem by having multiple backup drive sets. I have 4 to 5 complete copies of all my data, depending on whether my current off-site drive set is fully caught up.
  2. Just an FYI, in case anyone is not aware: my father taught me long ago not to put things on HDDs and then forget about them, expecting the data to remain intact 'forever'. He told me magnetic media change over long periods of time (i.e. years): the bits 'drift' and weaken, and that can lead to unreadable data eventually. He said that, if the drives are in a system, I should run a utility like Scanner in the background that will periodically read the data (and re-write it if needed), to keep the recorded data intact and strong. For drives not in a system he said I should connect them to a system every year or so and run something like SpinRite to refresh the data signals. He never said anything about SSDs. I'm not sure whether there's any 'magnetic drift' issue with them, although I suspect not.
  3. Ah. I think I've got it now (takes me a while, often). OK, I will set it using the File Scan section. Thanks. UPDATE: just set "Mark all filesystems as unchecked" for the 2 drives that were indicating file system damage, and they're both now scanning their file system. Thanks again.
  4. I saw that, because of some earlier posts you made in this thread. What I'm asking is if setting All Checked Blocks as Unchecked to initiate a scan will cause the file system to be checked as well, so it can automatically set itself to Healthy.
  5. The way I've been forcing Scanner to scan a disk is to set All Checked Blocks as Unchecked. Will that do it?
  6. Just so I truly understand, you're saying that Scanner does not reset its status after initiating a CHKDSK scan and finding no file system issues?
  7. I'm now having this issue. My version is Beta. CHKDSK /f x: has 3 times reported no problems with 2 drives, but Scanner continues to report file system damage on both, even after setting CHKDSK to Verbose. I have run the troubleshooter to upload the relevant data files. Oh, and I tried to run chkdsk /r \\?\Volume{c36115c7-9b09-4dcc-a6eb-e00483938a84} but it said the volume cannot be opened for direct access. Oops. I just ran CHKDSK again on one of the drives and it said there were orphaned files that it recovered. I'm rescanning that drive now. On the other drive, however, CHKDSK still did not find any problems and SBS is still reporting a damaged file system.
  8. I think Drashna was saying to try your existing key on the new install. Since it's installing on the same hardware, it may work. without having to deactivate. If it doesn't work, then email.
  9. Here's a detailed view of the Scanner blocking:
  10. When I swapped my off site drive sets today, I did a screen capture of the USB Safely Remove notification window that shows Scanner locking up the Lian-Li EX-503 USB external enclosure: Dang: I just realised I should have clicked on the + sign next to Scanner.Service.exe. If you would like me to do that, let me know. Dang 2: I just tried to get a capture of the Scanner notification window again (so I could click the + sign) and it showed me that DrivePool was locking up the enclosure. I presume DP is measuring the pool that's on the drives in the enclosure.
  11. On the server, at least, it doesn't seem to have made any difference. I still have to stop the Scanner service. I'm still running the USB Safe Removal program on the server, and it still says the Scanner service is blocking the ejection of my OffSite drive enclosure.
  12. Maybe this explains why I've never seen this issue on USB drives: they're pretty much all formatted GPT. These days, I basically don't bother with MBR.
  13. My bad. I should have mentioned that I had figured the 'auto move' option would detect and exclude, with a warning presumably, the system boot drive; something like, "the boot drive cannot be added to a Drive Pool". I know some 'other' drive pooling software programs do automatically relocate files.
  14. OK, I've done it on the server. I'll do the same on my main desktop later.
  15. Just a quick update to say that, on my Windows 10 server, I had to stop the scanner service today in order to physically remove a drive that I had removed from the pool using DrivePool. It seems pretty consistent on the server. I may have to spring for a copy of Easy USB Remover in order to keep track of whether Scanner has a drive or enclosure locked up.
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