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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I apologize if this is too general or not the right place to post this, but I havent been able to find an answer thus far, so Im posting this in the hopes I can get the answers without testing myself. I currently have quite a few hard drives in a jbod collection. What I hope to do is have one pool of 15TB of in use drives, combined with a total of 28TB in new storage where I can have a pool of 21tb in always on drives backing up periodically to a pool of 22tb TBD drives which would be either for file duplication in a raid 1 fashion or backup. What Im unsure of is how I can
  2. I'm not sure if this belongs in General or Nuts and Bolts but here goes. Basic scenario is I have 4 "drives." 1.) Operating system SSD (not part of the pool.) 2.) SSD landing zone (SSD-optimizer places all new files here for speed.) 3.) HDD 'scratch disk' (folder placement rules place my "temp folder here" when the SSD is emptied in order to hide it from SnapRAID) 4.) Archival drives (folder placement rules migrate my "archival" folders here from either the SSD or scratch disk. This is what SnapRAID sees.) The issue I'm having is that when balancing occurs, files
  3. I have a question about file placing rules. One drive ("SpecialDrive") of my pool should be dedicated to one folder ("SpecialFolder") and nothing else. I could obviously select under File Placement>Folders the correct pattern. But my understanding is that any new folder in root may be placed on SpecialDrive, and I don't want this. So is the correct thing to define Rules? If yes, is the correct setting: 1. \SpecialFolder\* > only SpecialDrive selected; "Never allow files to be placed on any other disk" active. 2. \* > only SpecialDrive unselected, "Never allow files t
  4. Hi All, I am still evaluating this product and am very new to it so forgive me if I'm overlooking something simple. I, like many user out there, am attempting to use Drivepool and Snapraid, so I am not using any duplication. I have read the best approach to using both is to disable all balancing, and use the Ordered File Placement plugin to fill up one drive at a time. However, I also like to keep some of my stuff on specific drives and have setup file placement rules for those directories. Namely, I want TV Shows to be placed in Drive1 and Movies in Drive2 using the file placement rules,
  5. Hi guys, I've set up my file placement rules to only allow files in a folder to go into a particular drive. In this case it's a CloudDrive drive. I'm finding that it's not following the rule and it just randomly putting it in any drive. Does anyone know if this is the correct behaviour or whether it's not right. I essentially only want files in a certain folder to only ever be put in a particular drive. I've configured it so that underneath the file placement options I only have the one drive I want it to put the file on, checked. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank
  6. (Edit: this issue has changed, please read the last posts for more relevant info. This ended up being primarily an SSD Optimizer issue) 1st of all, thanks for this great program & the amount of customer support it has. I have learnt a lot about these programs (scanner & drivepool) from reading many forum posts but unfortunately with 7 days left on my trial I am unable to find an answer to this & can't seem to solve it myself. Anyway, short story long... I have set some file placement rules to move small regularly accessed files to the pooled C: drive since it does not spin dow
  7. Hi, I am doing a trial of DrivePool (v2.1.1.561 on Win7 x64) and ran into the following situation: 1) Created a new pool, added a single 120 GB SSD to it (duplication is not enabled anywhere) 2) Moved 115 GB of data to the pool (it all went to the SSD, obviously) 3) Added an empty 1TB HDD to the pool 4) Moved a 50 GB VM folder to the pool. It ended up in the empty HDD (so far, so good) 5) Created a File Placement rule that the VM folder must be located within the SSD (for performance reasons). Also selected the 'Never allow...' option in the rule to absolutely force VM presence in
  8. Hi, I am running DP 2.x with WHS 2011. I have 2 Pools of 2x2TB HDDs, duplication is set to x2 for everything. I backup everything using WHS 2011 Server Backup. One Pool (392 GB net) contains all the shares except for the Client Backups. The other (1.16 TB net) contains only the Client Backups. Of each Pool, I backup one underlying HDD. Given that the Client Backup database changes, the Server Backup .vhd fills up tracking changes and reaches its limit of 2TB. At that time, all Server Backups are deleted and WHS Server Backup starts over again with a full backup. This is fine in pri
  9. I'm having a weird issue where drive balancing isn't emptying files off drives to other drives in order to respect file placement rules. Basically, I'm trying to get it to move files it can off the drives above to other ones to make room for file placement rules. As in, existing files on the drives with file placement rules applying to the drive moving to drives with no file placement rules.
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