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  1. I am not using any pool or file duplication. i have also disabled real-time duplication just to be sure. when copying to any folder it correctly only writes to the SSD, but when copying to a folder with a file placement rule it only writes to the archive drive with the most free space.
  2. I just uninstalled DrivePool & deleted the "C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool" & "%AppData%\StableBit DrivePool" folders, then rebooted & reinstalled v2.1.1.561. After installing the SSD Optimizer again & reconfiguring to similar settings as above (except with only a single file placement rule for 1 folder for testing) it has the same behavior. Copying to any part of the pool writes to the assigned SSD Copying to a folder with a file placement rule writes to an Archive HDD with the most free space (not the HDD assigned to the file placement rule). is there a way to correct this & still have settings suitable for the StableBit Scanner to be able to evacuate drives?
  3. Ok, i reset all settings using the Q2299585B method & i did a whole bunch of messing about & have discovered that if i copy a file to a location that has no file placement rules then it is written to the assigned SSD, but if i have a file placement rule for that folder then the SSD Optimizer will write files to my 8TB instead of the SSD. since i had a rule for * at the bottom of the file placement rules, it was never writing to the SSD... also most file placement rules are not assigned to the 8TB... I presume that this is not the expected behavior of this plugin with file placement rules... This fixed the 4KB access. I have this set to: Automatic Balancing: Balance every day at 1:00 AM Automatic Balancing - Triggers: if the balance falls below 90% or 10GB (unless im mistaken, this value is irrelevant when balancing at a set time) Plug-in settings: ENABLED Allow balancing plug-ins to force immediate balancing. File placement settings: ENABLED File placement rules respect real-time file placement limits set by the balancing plug-ins (i presume i need this enabled for when i re-enable the StableBit Scanner plugin for drive evacuation) ENABLED Balancing plug-ins respect file placement rules DISABLED Unless the drive is being emptied Balancers: ENABLED SSD Optimizer: all drives set to "Archive" except for C: drive set to "SSD" Options: Fill SSD drive up to: 95% Fill archive drives up to: 100% Ordered Placement DISABLED All other balancers DISABLED (for troubleshooting until i sort this out. then i will enable the StableBit Scanner balancer) File Placement Rules: * is set to write to my "Other" HDD (this rule is at the bottom) \Games\* is set to write to my "Games" HDD \Backups\* is set to write to my 8TB "Backups" HDD & a few other rules that follow that basic style. most rules are set to allow files to be placed on other disks if the selected disks are 99% full (the fullest drive is about 80% full) the Backups rule is set to never allow files to be placed on other disks. with SSD Optimizer disabled they work as i would expect. All "Archive" disks are showing the orange new file placement limit arrow at 0%, the "SSD" disk shows it at 95% But when testing by copying a file to any location on the DrivePool i can see via StableBit Scanner that its writing to the Backups HDD & not the assigned SSD. Am i missing something here? (sorry for the long reply, i was writing this as i was doing multiple troubleshooting attempts...)
  4. i have made sure of that. it never writes to the ssd. should i just wipe all settings/preferences & start again? if so, what do i need to delete?
  5. Sorry for the delay, i have been very busy with study. I just realized my problem appears to possibly be unrelated to the second partition.... & im having some odd issue. I removed the second partition from the pool & Using the current beta ( with all balancers disabled i am seeing 4KB access on all pooled drives every few seconds (in StableBit Scanner). If i copy a file to the pool while all balancers are disabled then the file goes where i would expect it to. but if i enable the SSD Optimizer & copy a file then it writes it to my 8TB HDD (set as an archive drive & only assigned to a "backups" folder.) If i disable the DrivePool service then the regular 4KB access stops. I think it is picking the 8TB drive because it has the most free space. but it seems to be skipping the assigned SSD (currently C:) & ignoring the file placement rules. I have submitted 2 logs related to these issues. I am down to 4 days remaining on my trial & would love to keep using this software, especially if i am able to benefit from the SSD Optimizer plugin. maybe i just need to start with a fresh reinstall of drivepool? :s
  6. I installed the latest beta & it still refuses to write to the second partition. if i change the file placement rule to any other drive then it is respected, but if i set it to the 50GB partition it writes to a different drive instead. im not sure how i missed the tooltip for the real-time file placement option which basically states that StableBit Scanner will override placement rules if need be, like you said. because of real-time file placement rules i imagine that it is unnecessary for me to use a second partition & i should be able to use the pooled C: drive as the cache with the "Unless drives are being emptied" option disabled. is that correct? if so i might just remove the second partition & revert back to the non beta release. Unless you were interested in testing some other theories as to why DrivePool wont write to the second partition.
  7. Whoops, forgot those important details! I'm running Windows 10 x64 & DrivePool v2.1.1.561
  8. (Edit: this issue has changed, please read the last posts for more relevant info. This ended up being primarily an SSD Optimizer issue) 1st of all, thanks for this great program & the amount of customer support it has. I have learnt a lot about these programs (scanner & drivepool) from reading many forum posts but unfortunately with 7 days left on my trial I am unable to find an answer to this & can't seem to solve it myself. Anyway, short story long... I have set some file placement rules to move small regularly accessed files to the pooled C: drive since it does not spin down. I decided to use the SSD Optimizer on a HDD (C:) to stop multiple small writes throughout the day on drives that have spun down & instead rebalance at night. But before I installed the plugin I read that it will evacuate the drive chosen as SSD unless I disable the "unless the drive is being emptied" option, but I'm concerned that if I disable that option then if Scanner detects a failing drive it won't be able to evacuate the drive to other drives (I have specific drives assigned to specific folders). So instead I repartitioned the C: drive to make an extra 50GB partition to set as the Cache, but when I tested it, it just wrote directly to one of the other HDDs (one that was not assigned to the location that I placed the test file in!?). After several attempts at trying to figure out what I was doing wrong I disabled the SSD balancer & assigned a rule to place files in a specific cache folder onto the 50GB cache partition, but when I dropped a file into that folder it just saved it to an incorrect disk again even though I checked the option to "never allow files to be placed on any other disks"! For the record, the 50GB cache is a logical partition, I currently have no duplicated files & real-time duplication is disabled. Also the incorrect drive that is being written to is only assigned to a "backups" folder, so shouldn't be getting any other files. If anything, the file should have gone to my "other" drive as it has a placement rule of "*" at the bottom of the placement rules. Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy post. Sorry that I didn't simplify it, I just wanted you to get the full story so we can hopefully get to the bottom of this. Thanks, Scott
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