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    silk reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in Manualy delete duplicates?   
    StableBit DrivePool doesn't have a master and subordinate/duplicate copy. Both are equally viable, and treated as such.  This is very different from how Drive Bender handles things.5
    As for being documented, not really, but sort of. Eg: https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Knowledge_base#How_To.27s
    That said, if the data is in the same relative path under the PoolPart folders, they're considered duplicates.  Changing the duplication settings, or even remeasuring can kick off a duplication pass that will automatically prune the duplicates, as needed. 
    Also, the "dpcmd" utility has an option to disable duplication for the entire pool, recursively. However, that kicks off a duplication pass that actually manages the files. 
    Just have both products installed. That's it.  You can fine tune settings in StableBit DrivePool, in the balancing settings, as the "StableBit Scanner" balancer is one of the 5 preinstalled balancer plugins. 

    That should be fixed now.  Though, the file system scan won't trigger the drive evacuation.  And yeah, that fix was shipping in the 2.5.5 version, and the latest stable release is 2.5.6, so this definitely shouldn't be an issue anymore.  (we haven't seen it in a while). 
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    silk reacted to fattipants2016 in Manualy delete duplicates?   
    Inside each physical disk that's part of the pool, exists a hidden folder named with a unique identification ID.
    Inside these folders is the same folder structure as the pool, itself.
    Your duplicated files / folders would simply be on the appropriate number of disks. They're not actually denoted as duplicates in any way.
    If files are now duplicated (that shouldn't) be, it may be enough to simply re-check duplication.
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    silk reacted to Jaga in PCloud, Spideroak, Tesorit work around?   
    Do any of the providers support FTP?  Clouddrive has a FTP layer built in that should work in that case.
    Can you mount any of those providers' spaces as a local drive (w/letter)?  If so, you could use the Local Disk feature to place an encrypted volume on them, and manage it with Clouddrive.
    And - Christopher/Alex are continually evaluating new providers for Clouddrive.  Never know when they'll add support for more.  You can use the Contact link on that page to request additional ones.
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    silk reacted to Jaga in Recommended SSD setting?   
    Even 60 C for a SSD isn't an issue - they don't have the same heat weaknesses that spinner drives do.  I wouldn't let it go over 70 however - Samsung as an example rates many of their SSDs between 0 and 70 as far as environmental conditions go.  As they are currently one of the leaders in the SSD field, they probably have some of the stronger lines - other manufacturers may not be as robust.
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