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  1. Thanks Christopher! So it is my ignorance of Stablebit that is the root of my confusion. Just so I am clear, as I understand now Stablebit uses no parallel or alternative folder structure at all to store duplicated files. It just keeps copies of the duplicated files on other drives, in the same original folder structure, and uses software to keep from listing duplicated files and having file collisions in the drivepool?
  2. Thanks but is this documented anywhere? Can you be specific? Like can you give me an example of what that looks like? Where is this folder placed? Is it in the same directory as the folder it is duplicated? Is it in a parallel structure separated from the main poolpart folder tree? Here is a thread on how Drivebender does it: https://community.division-m.com/topic/816-drivebender-file-structure-for-duplicated-filesfolders/. I can't find any information on how Stablebit does it. It shouldn't be this hard to find it documented somewhere, yet I simply cannot find this information. Even here you have only described it in very vague terms. Is this secret information nobody knows or so obvious that I am blind for not seeing it?
  3. I am not sure if we are speaking of the same thing, probably due to my ignorance of Stablebit. I am not looking to dedupe all the data on the failed disk, which is what it *looks* (and I may be very wrong) like duplicate commander is for? What I am looking for is how does Stablebit drivepool physically store duplicated data on the disk. So say I have a folder ..\XYZfiles and I set it to be duplicated in Drivepool. XYZFiles has ..\XYZfiles\morefiles\hello.txt. Where is Drivepool physcially storing the copy of .\XYZfiles\morefiles\hello.txt? What is the path of the duplicated file?
  4. I have a bad drive that i had to force remove from my pool (I was out of town for a couple weeks and came home to this). I did data recovery and now have a mirror of the drive in a folder. I want to delete those duplicated files on the mirror before I move the data back to my pool. For example, this was easy in Drivebender, I just search for all the $<duplicate folder name>$ and then delete them. How do I do this with Stablebit? Thanks! Edit: And also, I saw a post over on Reddit saying Scanner and Drivepool can be configured to work together so that once a disk is marked as damaged by Scanner Drviepool will move the files off the drive. I have 2 questions on this: 1) Is there a guide somewhere on how to set this up, would've saved me a headache here? I couldn't find it in the wiki, but I may not have good search terms. 2) I was hit by the bug where Scanner was marking drives as damaged when they were not (this bug: https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/4272-file-system-damaged-yet-there-are-no-errors-in-chkdsk-or-windows-chkdsk-i-even-ran-chkdsk-t-f-r-for-a-week/#comment-29307). This seemingly got fixed a month or so later but was the problem identified with a permanent fix? I would hate to run into this problem again after I setup the auto drive removal. Thanks!
  5. I hope its OK to add on here? Or should I start a new thread? I have this same problem. 24 disks and suddenly Scanner thinks half of them Windows has marked dirty. Chkdsked 4 and its clear Scanner is smoking crack, so I came here and found this topic. If I don't want to use the beta, can I safely ignore the warnings? Are there any dangers to my data besides the obvious (that Scanner will not be able to tell me when my drives are dirty now)?
  6. Exactly what I was looking for. I think I can use a combo of FTP and provider software mounting to get Cloud Drive working. I'll shoot them an email, definitely can't hurt. Thanks again, Jaga!
  7. silk

    Recommended SSD setting?

    Prefect, thanks for your help!
  8. Just a quick technical question. What would be a good threshold temperature to set SSDs at in the scanner? My pool is working really hard right now, so this is not normal load, but my 3 "SSD Optimizer" SSDs were hitting the default 53C constantly. I set it to 60C and am no longer getting emails but I am not sure if that's a safe temperature. I think SSDs can run warmer than mechanicals with no ill effect but I have no idea how much warmer so I thought I'd check. Thanks!
  9. Clearly I did not read the details on this software closely at all, that's my bad. I bought the bundle really for Drivepool and the scanner, but I was hoping to use Cloud drive. I just installed Cloud Drive and discovered it's provider specific. I definitely made a bad assumption that it would work with any provider because my cloud storage providers are Pcloud (https://www.pcloud.com/: 2TB), Spideroak (https://spideroak.com/: Unlimited and I just bought this recently too) and Tresorit (https://tresorit.com/: 2TB). Is there any kind of work around to get non-supported providers working? Thanks
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