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Recommended SSD setting?



Just a quick technical question. What would be a good threshold temperature to set SSDs at in the scanner?

My pool is working really hard right now, so this is not normal load, but my 3 "SSD Optimizer" SSDs were hitting the default 53C constantly. I set it to 60C and am no longer getting emails but I am not sure if that's a safe temperature. I think SSDs can run warmer than mechanicals with no ill effect but I have no idea how much warmer so I thought I'd check.


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Even 60 C for a SSD isn't an issue - they don't have the same heat weaknesses that spinner drives do.  I wouldn't let it go over 70 however - Samsung as an example rates many of their SSDs between 0 and 70 as far as environmental conditions go.  As they are currently one of the leaders in the SSD field, they probably have some of the stronger lines - other manufacturers may not be as robust.

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