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PCloud, Spideroak, Tesorit work around?



Clearly I did not read the details on this software closely at all, that's my bad. I bought the bundle really for Drivepool and the scanner, but I was hoping to use Cloud drive. I just installed Cloud Drive and discovered it's provider specific. I definitely made a bad assumption that it would work with any provider because my cloud storage providers are Pcloud (https://www.pcloud.com/: 2TB), Spideroak (https://spideroak.com/: Unlimited and I just bought this recently too) and Tresorit (https://tresorit.com/: 2TB).

Is there any kind of work around to get non-supported providers working?


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Do any of the providers support FTP?  Clouddrive has a FTP layer built in that should work in that case.

Can you mount any of those providers' spaces as a local drive (w/letter)?  If so, you could use the Local Disk feature to place an encrypted volume on them, and manage it with Clouddrive.

And - Christopher/Alex are continually evaluating new providers for Clouddrive.  Never know when they'll add support for more.  You can use the Contact link on that page to request additional ones.

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