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    red reacted to srcrist in How to see what specific data is being written into cloud at the moment?   
    CloudDrive itself operates at a block level, so it isn't aware of what files in the file system are being written to or read by the applications on your computer. Much like the firmware for a HDD or SDD is unaware of that information as well. So, that is to say, that it isn't possible via CloudDrive. Windows Resource Monitor or Process Explorer or another tool to look at Windows' file system usage would be required--as it sounds like you discovered.
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    red got a reaction from chaostheory in Google Drive is suddenly marked as experimental provider?   
    Sorry about the tinted screengrab (f.lux). What's this about?

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    red reacted to jak64950 in Request -- Better Duplication Settings   
    So I'm running a 100TB plex server with only 60TB of local storage and would like to duplicate only certain folders from my clouddrives to local. So for example let's say I want 1000 of my 3000 movies on the local storage. As far as I can tell (and what I've been doing) is going one by one through each folder and setting duplication. Even just being able to select multiple folders or having a config file would be a great improvement to the current system.
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    red got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Sub Folders w/ Radarr + Stablebit   
    For anyone reading this, Plex is smart enough if you move an existing Library file from Path A to Path B to realize you actually moved it, and that it's not a new duplicate. So while what @josefilion did worked, it really doesn't need to be done that complexly, or at one go. I recently moved from one huge folder with subfolders to one with A-C, B-D etc subfolders because it was taking Windows a long time to list the contents and I basicly just grabbed a few hundred folders at once with cut & paste to the new subfolders and me having "Detect changes" enabled in Plex made it pick up the moved files almost instantly.
    So basicly: No need to turn off Plex. Just move your files how you want as long as they are not currently being played / scanned and you move them within the Library root folder.
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