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  1. Hi, I have moved away from Flexraid and now use snapraid. Snapraid does the job well and i have tested the restore process and it went smoothly. I have seem 0 impact in my pool performance since Snapraid runs once every night. But each person has there own level of confort for protection. For me one update each night is enough for me and i have content added to DP pool every day I only have one parity and that is good enough for me. I moved away from Flexraid because there licensing plan didnt suite my needs. I would give Snapraid a shot before committing to Flexraid. In flexraid you w
  2. That's really odd. I have win 8.1 and use Teamviewer often and this has never happened. Did you check Windows event viewer to see if there are any errors? Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  3. DriveBender works in the same way but they move your data for you that is why you saw it right away.
  4. When you add Drives to the Pool, there is a hidden folder that is created on the drive. If you enable hidden folders you will see a folder with a bunch of numbers(GUID) (ie: PoolPart.5244d622-70db-4b3d-a3ed-d335999b08b2) That folder will be on every drive and any content in that folder will be visible in Foxtrot. So all you have to do is go on S,T and U and move all the content into the Poolpart folder.
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    Have you tried with duplication off? Try turning off duplication for some test content and try out your process
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    I dont have this problem but again i dont have a application renaming folder from within my pool..Do you have duplication on?
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    Ah...its stuff you already have in your library...yeah...that wont be a good solution...my solutions is more for new content coming into your library.
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    I assume your new movie is on the pool and all the work is done on the pool..To avoid headache, why dont you make Metabrowser process your media on a temp drive and then move the content to pool? I use my DP as storage, any processing of files (renaming and folder creation) is dont on a temp drive and my application (in my case Sickrage ) moves the processed file to pool.
  9. Well flexraid is just used for parity. I have been using Flex with DP since back in the early days of DP and never had this issue. I it happened again today when i was moving a file off the pool on to a physical drive. I was doing it from another server, then i got access denied. I went on my Pool drive server and it was one drive that had access denied...DRU6 (look at screenshot above) which is connected to the onboard sata that is using the Asmedia. It took about 15 mins before i could get back in. Basically all the permissions on the folder are gone..including ownership so you cant take own
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rdemvha5qvrl8p/CoveFs.zip?dl=0
  11. Ok so the problem just happened and i was able to capture the logs. (i assume the data will be in the log of the 29 of may) https://www.dropbox.com/s/d4x0zwdavxfdvoz/Service.7z?dl=0 The Silicon image only has a external disk attached to it...none of the pool drives but a part of the pool drives are in my mediasonic pro box attached via esata to Asmedia card (DRU1,3 and 4) Other Asmedia controller is onboard sata ports. See below
  12. There is no Anti-virus,Have Scanner installed but nothing else i can think of. I will try to do the stuff you posted here is my uninstall list...maybe you might notice something.
  13. Sorry i didnt go into details.Was on the move when i was doing the post. Windows 8 DP latest build from the site Here is a example of the problem: Im on my server 2012 r2 which has a mapped drive to my DP pool drive. I open a folder and copy a file to a new location off the pool. Then a few minutes later, i go back to the same folder and i get access denied. Then i go on the DP machine and go on the pool locally, and i see that all the permissions are removed. To fix it, i go to one of the poolpart drives that still have permissions on that folder (some pool part drives also hav
  14. Lately i have been getting Access Denied on Folders in my pool. I will be able to access the content and then i will tried to go back into the folder a few minutes later and will get the message access denied. Then i will either wait a bit and it will start working again or i have to open the folder within a poolpart and re-apply permissions, wait a few minutes and folder access returns. I notice it happens when i am accessing the pool from another PC
  15. I have Flexraid - DP and Scanner all working in harmonie, so i dont know why SnapRaid would be a problem
  16. Yes that is one way but the best way would be to use Scanner + DP and it would auto move your content for you. You could also use the filtering in DP to designate which drive content should go on.
  17. I would use StableBit Scanner to see if there is a issue with one of your disk. It can check smart status and few other stuff
  18. Well it depends on if you want dashboard integration or not. But personally i would stick with the version made for WHS2011 if that is your OS.
  19. Did you check to see if the DP service was running? Also you could do a restore of your windows.(start - Accessories - system Tools - System Restore)to before the updates
  20. Just installed it on my new Win8.1 machine using latest beta
  21. Share like you would share a standard driver over the network...no need to complicate things. I have many shares on my WHS2011 and i just share them like anything else on my network.
  22. You should be fine with taking one drive of each mirror and then formatting the rest
  23. I just wanted to know if poolpart GUID can be all the same GUID on each drive or do they have to be different?
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