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  1. McFaul

    REFS in pool

    My main issue AGAINST storage spaces is that the underlying disks dont show up in stablebit scanner anymore it must be possible since HDD sentinel can still show/test the individual disk data
  2. This was only true in Server 2012, since 2012 R2 (for the last three years....) it can fix corruption in parity pools too https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh831724(v=ws.11).aspx
  3. Okay dokay, i wont put scanner on that machine yet then! Thanks Chris
  4. but would it be scanning the underlying disk - or would it be scanning the storage space? I have a couple of thin provisioned volumes on my space
  5. OK, thats great, the sooner the better! I've got a 10 drive storage space and at the moment i cant even monitor the drive temps, but i'd love to have the re-assurance of a monthly surface scan on them too
  6. Hi, Im just wondering if there is an update on getting SMART/individual disk info through a storage space? I know its possible because Western Digital's drive diagnostics still see the individual disks which comprise my storage space. Thanks Chris
  7. How can it scan the whole disk is it has areas unaddressable by the operating system though? The Seagate archive drive is 8Tb shingled + an additional 20Gb non-shingled used for writing / temporary storage while re-shiningling at any given time that 20Gb non-shingled slice could be mapped to any of the shingled blocks on the 8Tb disk. so if you check a block is readable, how do you know whether you are getting the shingled block or the temporarily-mapped non-shingled one? (and obviously missing the other) since all of the block virtualisation is handled within the disk. maybe an 8Tb block is unreadable .. but at the moment scanner asks for it , there is some hot data sitting in the 20gb storage space waiting to be written to the shingled area and it gets that instead?
  8. not "Useless" but there may be areas of the drive not scanned.. because they arent accessible
  9. true... but the 20Gb of space which isnt shingled.. doesnst actually count as part of the disk... in terms of capacity.. so if its already moved everything out of the 20GB and onto the rest fo the disk, then if you scan EVERYTHING.. it wont scan that 20GB... and vice versa.. if some stuff hasn't been moved to the shingled area.. then when you scan those blocks you will get the non shingled ones and it wont scan the shingled area
  10. hey Chris, Since he's bought the Archive Drives, and we are talking about surface scans.. how does scanner handle the address virtualisation of archive drives (or doenst it?) i.e. when you scan a certain block... how do you know if its the same block as last time? or if its been virtualised to the non-shingled area by the disk?
  11. McFaul

    "Missing" files

    Nothing happens when i do that, even after a reboot, files which don't show up in the file list still don't show up. I'll have to wait for it to happen again since I've already "fixed" this one by copying the files off the individual disk and then copying them back to the pool
  12. McFaul

    "Missing" files

    Hi, They are showing up when i search the individual pool part folders on the individual disk mount points... they do not show up in the pool at all, either in file lists or in search. There's no antivirus or disk tools or other filter drivers (we checked all that when i had my previous issues with metabrowser) I can enable logging, but what do you mean by "refresh the file list" ? Thanks
  13. McFaul

    "Missing" files

    I have a large pool.... sometimes, rarely, but more than once, i have copied a movie to it.. and then when i've gone to find it.. it wasnt there! If I manually search the individual mounted disks.. The files are on the individual disks.. but it doenst show up on the pool. See screenshots attached If I copy the file back off the individual disk and then copy it onto the pool, it will then show up. I've tried "re-measure" but that doesn't make it re-scan the disks to find any files which have gone AWOL. 1) any idea what/how this happens? 2) how can I get it to scan all of the disks and have all of the files in the pool part folders appears in my pool? I'm now a bit concerned about how many files might be "missing" in this way! (I'm using Thanks Chris
  14. I'm not sure what your actual arguement is? That NAS drives are overpriced? I've had maybe 20 drives fail on me over the last 10 years, they are always about 40C... I'd rather pay slightly more for the longer warranty - most consumer NAS drives have 3 years, most desktop drives 1 or 2 for the last year I was mainly using WD 6TB Reds (+£5 for an extra year warranty) - what cheaper "desktop" alternative would you suggest?
  15. I've got 30 disks I'm not about to start storing 30 empty cases..., or trying to keep a record of which disk belongs in which case I'd imagine he simply threw away the case and he says in his post that its obvious that the drive has been removed.. so i suspect that there was some damage done to the case
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