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    Simon83 got a reaction from josefilion in G Suite changing to Google Workspace and alternatives for unlimited storage space   
    Hi, I have a google g suite account with unlimited space. Now that g suite is changing to google workspace i am concerned, that my unlimited space will be limited. 
    Does someone know, how my account will change? If users like I will be lucky and wont have any changes? Or will I be limited to for example 1TB and I will get a warning, that anything above that 1 TB will be destroyed?
    And if so, are there peaople here willing to group togehter, to buy for example a "Dropbox business advanced" account, wich is 15€ per month (by paying yearly) for unlimited space, but only if at least 3 accounts are bought?
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    Simon83 reacted to srcrist in I delete files on the Cloud drive, but the changes are not reflected in the software   
    The "cloud used" amount refers to the space used on your provider, not the amount of data stored on the drive. When you delete something on your CloudDrive drive, it doesn't remove the drive architecture that has already been uploaded from from the provider. So, if it's a 500GB drive and you've already created and uploaded 500GB worth of chunks to the provider, those will remain, just like a real drive, to be used (overwritten) later. This is why you can use recovery software to recover data on your CloudDrive drive just like a physical hard drive. If you want to remove the additional space, you'll need to shrink the drive, which you can do from the "manage drive" options. 
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