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G Suite changing to Google Workspace and alternatives for unlimited storage space



Hi, I have a google g suite account with unlimited space. Now that g suite is changing to google workspace i am concerned, that my unlimited space will be limited. 

Does someone know, how my account will change? If users like I will be lucky and wont have any changes? Or will I be limited to for example 1TB and I will get a warning, that anything above that 1 TB will be destroyed?

And if so, are there peaople here willing to group togehter, to buy for example a "Dropbox business advanced" account, wich is 15€ per month (by paying yearly) for unlimited space, but only if at least 3 accounts are bought?

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7 hours ago, josefilion said:

I'm wondering the same thing - just read this article.  https://petapixel.com/2020/10/12/google-is-killing-unlimited-drive-storage-for-non-enterprise-users/

What's the alternative now =( and how am I going to transfer all that storage to another one?

I would suggest to buy at latest in december a new account for example at dropbox and google will stay in read only mode and to transfer all the files in 500gb-1tb pieces.
Or do you know another provider, who offers unlimited storage space?

And if you have a lot of date and small bandwith, then buy for one month a server, to transfer all the files.

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