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  1. You are right. I paniked a litte, as I read about the change, but nothing happened since then.
  2. I live in Germany and I paniced a litte, as I read about tha change, so planned, what to do, when they would push me to change, but nothing happend since then. Seems, google is just google. And I like them for that
  3. I would suggest to buy at latest in december a new account for example at dropbox and google will stay in read only mode and to transfer all the files in 500gb-1tb pieces. Or do you know another provider, who offers unlimited storage space? And if you have a lot of date and small bandwith, then buy for one month a server, to transfer all the files.
  4. Dropbox has an offer of unlimited space "dropbox business advanced" but at least 3 useres have to pay. I opend in off-topic a thread, where I already aked if someone is willing to team up for a dropbox business advanced account or another unlimited space provider.
  5. Hi, I have a google g suite account with unlimited space. Now that g suite is changing to google workspace i am concerned, that my unlimited space will be limited. Does someone know, how my account will change? If users like I will be lucky and wont have any changes? Or will I be limited to for example 1TB and I will get a warning, that anything above that 1 TB will be destroyed? And if so, are there peaople here willing to group togehter, to buy for example a "Dropbox business advanced" account, wich is 15€ per month (by paying yearly) for unlimited space, but only if at least 3 accounts are bought?
  6. Hi, I have an encrypted google clouddrive cached on a 2TB HDD. The chache drive is F. The clouddrive is drive E. In crystaldiskmark I get speeds on drive F about 160-190MB/s. I think thats normal, right? But on drive E I get only about 60MB/s. In real life, when I transfer a file from a nvme ssd (which cant be the bottleneck) I get about 15-max30MB/s. So copying 100GB takes quiet a while. Is that normal? Is it, because it has to be encrypted, before it is written? Has it somithing to do with the format of the cache drive?
  7. Because there are no files beein moved on your disk, the system specs doesn´t matter. Clouddrive just sends commands to the cloud, to move files on the cloud. At least this is my understanding of this.
  8. Ok, then I will be patient. Fyi, I tried to set the GoogleDrive_ConcurrentRequestCount to 3, but after a while I had errors from google...so 2 seams to be the maximum.
  9. I use .1307 and i am by 19% after about 24h. Never had a error like this, but I had nothing better to do, than update to the latest beta and know I hate myself. You think, that deleting the cache would speed it up?
  10. Simon83


    Hi, I have a request about something. When my server crashes, it takes a long time to recover the cached data. But the cached data is not important for my. I would like clouddrive, to just erase the old cache and write a new one. If there is data to be uploaded, it should not be lost. In my case, I have 200GB of cache and a 1GBit download. So a new download would be much faster for me. Is such a option possible?
  11. I have 1TB of data in google drive created and encrypted with clouddrive. I can download it to my local harddrive only at 500kb/s-1mb/s with clouddrive but at normal full speed with my browser or with the google drive app. So i am trying to download all the files with the google app und mount that files as a local drive. Is that possible? Right now clouddrive wants to create a new drive, when I choose local disk and i´m trying it to attach the folders as an already existing drive.
  12. Simon83

    File copy very slow

    Same here. Using on google drive and have a speed like 1,2MB/s (10mbit/s). And this on two machines. Downloading with the browser i have a speed abou 25MB/s
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