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  1. Simon83


    Hi, I have a request about something. When my server crashes, it takes a long time to recover the cached data. But the cached data is not important for my. I would like clouddrive, to just erase the old cache and write a new one. If there is data to be uploaded, it should not be lost. In my case, I have 200GB of cache and a 1GBit download. So a new download would be much faster for me. Is such a option possible?
  2. I have 1TB of data in google drive created and encrypted with clouddrive. I can download it to my local harddrive only at 500kb/s-1mb/s with clouddrive but at normal full speed with my browser or with the google drive app. So i am trying to download all the files with the google app und mount that files as a local drive. Is that possible? Right now clouddrive wants to create a new drive, when I choose local disk and i´m trying it to attach the folders as an already existing drive.
  3. Simon83

    File copy very slow

    Same here. Using on google drive and have a speed like 1,2MB/s (10mbit/s). And this on two machines. Downloading with the browser i have a speed abou 25MB/s
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