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  1. Lol. I have no idea what that is. Will Google it when I get home.
  2. Hey Drashna. Ive been using Drivepool since back in the WHS/WGS days. I dont come around here nowadays, simply cos it just works and never really needed much help in receny years. One thing though that I have meant to clarify with the SSD Optimizer (The only balancer I need) I get the settings in the first image​ But have never really been sure whether the SSD's should be ticked in the second one here in the file placement options. I have had them ticked in the past. But even when they aren't it still seems to use the SSD's for cache. (or maybe not) Just curious if those SSD boxes should be ticked? EDIT... Never mind... Just noticed stuff writing directly to the archive drives with those SSD boxes unticked. :-)
  3. I had the exact same issue for the first time in several years of using DrivePool a couple of days ago. Whatever I tried it always came back to "file distribution not optimal." So is your machine on 24/7? If it is then try a reboot. Having planned to reinstall DrivePool to try and fix the issue on my days off from work, some other software gave me reason to reboot. Sure enough the balancing displayed as optimal straight after that. Definitely worth a try. I am using the latest beta btw.
  4. Sorry to bump an old post but I just wanted to say thanks for this. I just added another 8tb Seagate today and decided to format at 64k on the strength of this thread. Without the speed boost button I'm seeing 60-90 MB/s constant. (It didn't drop below 60MB/s in a twenty minute period.) With the speed boost enabled I do see drop offs, but much less frequently than on the previous 8tb (formatted at 4k) and by the same token I'm hitting 180-210 MB/s at times. Happy days. Anyway this latest drive addition will give me available space to empty and reformat the other drives over the next few weeks so I'm gonna do it. . Going back to your comment about fragmentation, I understand what you mean about larger clusters should lead to less fragmentation.. Am I also correct in thinking that if over time fragmentation occurs, the larger clusters will ALSO make it easier to defrag? I will add that all the Seagate archive drives will hopefully be write once as intended, so this question mainly applies to some of the 4TB drives that are much more read/write intensive. Either way thanks so much for your in depth reply to the guys in this thread. It all makes plenty of sense and definitely seems worth doing.
  5. Hey Chris and everyone. As a long long time user of Drivepool I finally got around to trying the SSD optimizer plugin. I did have issues originally but was planning on a server reinstall anyway, so no major problem.Anyway its running amazingly well in single and duplicated mode with 2 SSD's. ​The one thing in the settings I have not yet looked at is the ordered placement settings. So before I look at these and decide If I want to use them, do they still obey the file placement rules? I'm wondering that if for example a particular Server Folder is allowed to reside on drives/mount points 1,2,9 & 11 it will still only be allowed on those 4 drives and simply fill them in the order I specify, or have I totally misunderstood things ? Thanks in advance and either way I love this Plug-In. Regards, Dave
  6. Thanks for the link Chris that clarified lots. Yeah the new drive is a moot point with TV shows atm. I need at least another 2 archive drives just for the movies so it will be when finances allow.. After that I will start looking at more organisation of the shows. They themselves will need another 3 X 8TB. My friends just keep asking for more and more shows... Curse them As for Sonarr, yeah i found a lot to like with it. Sadly Im a private tracker person and there seems to be a little more maturity with getting some of the less mainstream trackers working. A couple of my most used trackers just wouldnt work with Sonarr. To add to that a couple of minor annoyances with SickRage seem to have been fixed over the last couple of weeks. Anyway thanks again for the help and advice.
  7. Oh wow Thank you. I had totally forgotten about the ability to manually type in rules. That's definitely what I'm looking for. Because my movie collection is much larger than the single 8TB hard drive I had hoped for example as a starting point to just have movies starting with #-H So in effect all movies from "2 Fast 2 Furious" through to "Fury" Not necessarily an all in one rule but perhaps something like (in my case) \SERVERFOLDERS\COUCHPOTATO MOVIES\A* \SERVERFOLDERS\COUCHPOTATO MOVIES\B* Would this work and are those rules correct for movies beginning with A & B? As for deleting stuff it never ever happens (I have some amazingly bad movies in my collection) The nearest I get to deleting is when SickRage replaces a season of web-downloads with a Blu-Ray release that It finds or I purchase. This is the very reason that shows will not go on the archive drives at least until a show is ended/cancelled and the quality is at optimum. This way the archive drives will hopefully be "write once" which as you imply are their intended purpose. I cannot believe I forgot about the ability to write rules.... I tend to see a feature in programs think to myself "I will never use it" and then forget it exists.​ Anyway thanks for the help as always Chris... If you could confirm (or correct) the rules above It would be appreciated.
  8. Well i havent been around much for a couple of years probably a sign that a program just works. Anways I have jut purchased my first 8TB archive drive and I'm looking at using it as exactly that. I want to fill that drive with movies to the required capacity defragment if needed and then have DrivePool see it as full. I'm thinking the "ordered file placement" plugin is what I need by setting the new drive at the top. I only want to fill the drive with movies as they tend to be pretty static as opposed to TV shows (new episodes) and Music (new albums for an existing artist.) But it seems there is no option to say fill only with a particular category. ATM I just have the one 8TB drive and my movies amount to 17TB around 1800 movies. Definitely I want the associated metadata to stay with the movie not be elsewhere on the pool. When the drive is at capacity defragment and catalog exactly what is on that hard drive. I know I can set rules via Balancing > File Placement > Folders. This will then ensure that the metadata stays on the same drive as the movie. The problem being this has to be done for each individual movie with no option for example to group select a bunch of movies and move them to the new drive. Obviously I cannot move all the movies because 17TB into 8TB doesn't go. So maybe a couple of feature requests... The ability to bulk select in Balancing > File Placement > Folders Also the ability to save personal setting such as rules should there be the need to ever reinstall. I will create the required rules if necessary but thought of manually creating thousands of rules and then a reinstall means they're all gone fills me with dread. There may of course be something I have totally missed or an easier way to go about this? I did wonder what would happen if I tell my 17TB of movies to only reside on the new drive. Will it fill the drive and then complain when its full (this would probably get me close to where I want to be) or will it say it cant do it at the start. I guess I will find out when I get home from work.​​
  9. I also do the fly by the seat of my pants method..Everything ctitical is backed up three fold or more... If its a few TB of movies then c'est la vie. This approach may change though when the 8TB drives come down in price a little more. As for DrivePool itself... well (as another Plex user), the best endorsement I can give is that I have been using it since the very early beta stages. As someone who used to be extremely active on here I just don't have the time any more. BUT I don't need to be because it just works!!! Im well over two years of not having touched my server (windows updates aside) in fact I actually feel guilty that I guess I just take DrivePool for granted. It sits there silently in the notification area doing its stuff.
  10. Oh Christopher. Seeing this just reminded me. I have never been able to get 1.00.169 to work. I always get an O/S unsupported message. That was on W8 now.. and previously S2012r2E and prior to that S2012E. Not a big problem because I still have 1.00.165 tucked away somewhere and that works on everything. EDIT: Cancel that. I just remoted in and tried again and it's now working on Windows 8.
  11. Another question on File Placement Rules!! I set all my folders to the specified drives with File Placement Rules. All went well and everything is on the drives that I want it to be on. However I added a new drive earlier and Drivepool is set to allow anything and everything to go on it. So If my Music is set to be only on Mount point 4 adding another drive (Mount Pont 8) will automatically allow music to be placed on Mount Point 8 after going to all the trouble of making sure that the music was only on Mount Point 4. Multiply this by about 20 server folders and its a pita. Can I suggest that the default for new drives is that all the Folder Placement checkboxes are unticked and not ticked. I know adding a drive is not an every day event but I still think the default should be to allow nothing on the drive until you allow it. Had I not realised in advance and then hit balance all my neat and tidy music would have again been scattered over 2 drives.
  12. Ok so I have just started expirimenting with this and its got me wondering! If for example a folder on the pool is set to duplicate (In my case all my music files.) and I set my music to wholy reside on "mount point 1" (ie uncheck the boxes for all the other drives) will it still duplicate to another single drive? Also having selected some actions to limit placement the Dashboard shows icons on the very far right against each drive in the disks section. Mousing over it says "File placement balancing rules need to be applied." So have I missed a step somewhere that is stopping the actions from taking place?
  13. Thank you to both yourself and Drashna for the explanation. I guess an end user with a very stable system doesnt see all the bugs that need fixing in the background. Will test out the new release as soon as i get home from work. Oh and "product 3" !!! Awesome news!
  14. Hopefully it may be in the next update (and soon ...as we seem to have been at for a very very long time) . I should stress that the above comment is purely wishful thinking rather than any sort of insider knowledge.
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