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  1. I have a SI-PEX40097 card and when I try to put the disks into standby mode I get the error "unable to put this disk into standby". Does this controller not support spinning down drives? If not are there any other reasonable cards that do 16ch of 6gb/s sata drives?
  2. I understand slight variances but having a 25gb limit set and filling the drive to under 1gb free space doesn't make a ton of sense to me. l am gonna try the prevent drive overfill plugin. Should that plugin be priority #1? Edit: This is how I have it setup. Edit:2 Thanks looks like that resolved it!
  3. Is this uncommon? No one else has a similar issue?
  4. For some reason drivepool will not respect the limits I put on some drives and will fill them completely up. I have the balancer set to only fill to 98% or 25gb free yet some drives have less then 1gb free. I am running windows 8.1 x64 . See attached screenshots for what exactly I am talking about.
  5. It is set to control new files and move existing files into predefined order. The other weird thing is that it always says that the file distribution is not optimal even after I manually tell it to re-balance. I find it odd also that new files added to the pool are being sent to the 4tb green drive, when it is not the next drive in the priority list.
  6. What seems to be happening is any file moved to the folders with file placement rules it spreads the files across all the disks rather then filling up one then moving to the next. Is that working as designed? Also I noticed that when files are copied to the downloads folder for instance, the files are first saved to the the 4TB green drive then moved to the drives that have the folder placement rules. Thiis makes no sense to me. Why would it not just save to the correct drive to begin with and why save to the 4tb Green? Its down the list in the priories for the balancer.
  7. Unfortunately it seems that this behavior has continued with both the 100% setting and upgrading to the beta.
  8. Hi I'm test driving DP and I'm trying to use the OFP balancer along with file placement rules. Basically I want 2 specific folders to only be placed on specific drives that are faster then the drives in the rest of my pool and I want those drives to be balanced so that they obey the OFP rules. It seems like the drives with file placement rules are ignoring the OFP balancer. Is this expected behavior? Also the green bar at the bottom says file distribution not optimal but when I try to select re-balance it says balancing but comes back to the same message after some time. http://i144.photob
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