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  1. Two new questions… 1) On the DrivePool Overview tab, under disks, it only shows two of my drives dark blue/light blue for pooled and duplicated. The rest of the drives are gray. Previously all of the drives showed as pooled data. What is happening? It seems to be using all of the drives, as percent full is increasing, so I'm not too alarmed, but it is weird. 2) One of the newly added pool disks still shows 0.0% full, when the others are filling up at an even rate, currently 21.4%. I have drive balancing turned off for all plug-ins except StableBit Scanner, which reports the drive as healthy. Any thoughts? Edit: Never mind #2. The drive was smaller than the rest.
  2. Previously, using robocopy, i was duplicating all the data from WHS 2011 to WHS v1, as stated above. WHS 2011 has server backups turned on but since i wiped all the drives from WHS V1, none of the server folders are backed up. I know duplication isn't a backup, but since this is mostly movies, i'm ok with duplication. I do have another back-up of my photos and important documents. Since, I have had 3 seagate drives fail in 6 months, I don't want to rebuild my collection! I was getting around 30Mb/s thanks!! I am now seeing disk I/O up to 300Mb/s.
  3. Is there a way to speed up duplication? Previously I had everything duplicated on a WHS v1 box, but have now wiped those drives and added them to my main WHS 2011 box and enabled duplication within DrivePool. A week later it's only at 600gb duplicated. At this rate, it looks like it'll take months and I'm without backups in the mean time. I did try turning off balancing hoping duplication would be quicker, then it could balance at a later date, but that doesn't appear to have helped. Any suggestions? thanks!
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