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    Philmatic got a reaction from gringott in The Largest Stablebit Drivepool In The World!!   
    I'm over here sitting on 32.7TB like I'm king of the world, lol.
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    Philmatic got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Migrating from WHS2011 to Windows 8   
    Yep, it really is magical.
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    Philmatic got a reaction from Alex in Drivepool good with torrent activities?   
    Yes, totally. I have a 150mbps downstream connection running 50 or so torrents at a time and DP has absolutely no issues with it.
    I do two things though, to be safe:
    I disable duplication on the folder I download to, it's just not needed I increase the cache on uTorrent and tell it to use up to 1GB of my System RAM for write caches. I have never seen "Disk Overloaded".
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