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  1. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    I was away all weekend, so sorry for not posting. Im not sure, i checked and im still running .951, so i doubt its related. The issues have seemed to go away, i can see it struggle still during the general 7-10pm window, but its not enough to force a dismount of the drive. This mostly leads me to believe it was some sort of issue at google, but it does disappoint we never managed to figure out exactly what the cause was. I will get back to this if theres any more issues, and if you or anyone else is having a similar issue please do so also
  2. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    i had the same at that time, but not enough to dismount, its 22:48 for me now, so past the window it has dismounted all previous days. It would seem like today is the first day in over a month that i havent had any dismounts, i REALLY hope this means the issue was at google and is now resolved. i also switched to using the latest beta builds around when i posted this thread, i also noticed performance seemingly being much better. i assume something changed in the way I/O works?
  3. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    Drives just dismounted again (19:42) issue definitely isnt gone EDIT: They only dismounted the one time, so there seems to be an improvement :?
  4. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    I read that yes, interesting that that is the only thing that changed, im running server 2012 r2 myself and have had no such issues, so i doubt its the same. Hopefully it was an issue at google and resolved now, but we'll see in a few hours i suppose. i followed up on my support ticket with a summary of this thread 2 days ago, i haven't had any response since
  5. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    they are under a pretty constant load, im using stablebit drivepool to mirror one to the other, so one drive is downloading about 690gb / day and the other is uploading that again (different domains, different api). the only other thing accessing the drives is radarr/sonarr, which are only adding around 10-20gb a day (to both drives) i was already having the issue before i added the second drive and started doing this, so its not the cause. And due to this constant load i can see exactly when it stops working, there are no jumps in load right before or anything, atleast not that i can see, the speed for every thred just drops to about 150kbps each, then after about a minute maybe 2 clouddrive decides it cant get a decent connection and dismounts the drive. If i try to remoung right away (if i see it happen) the same issue is still there, but if i wait a little longer it will start working again. Yesterday this was only a few minutes before it worked again, but before ive had it take almost half an hour, oad on the drives yesterday compared to the day before is almost exactly identical. Mine usually dismount between 7-10pm, but if you;re in a different timezone that might match up with my dismounts, it seems to often be around a full hour. From what i am able to tell from resource monitor and watching connections, clouddrive connects through a domain, not ip, and the ip behind this isnt static, so it would be hard to check. Also it is showing the connnection to be active, just throttled to 150kbps per thread, i doubt a ping would fail at that point. That's good to hear! (for you atleast) I've also had a HTTP500 return sometimes (which is what that error is), and it doesnt see =m to cause a dismount for me either. I'm not really sure what it means, the translation 'internal server error' is pretty broad, but i dont think its related, just a random request failing for unrelated reasons. I do have to note that i've only ever had this happen once or twice in a day at most, never more than that. Anyway, do keep us updated on if the issues remains gone, or if you just got lucky last night! If they remain gone, it would be interesting to try and figure out what exactly changed...
  6. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    This issue, whatever it was, seems to be resolved.. What is interesting is the time they posted that they became aware of the issue corresponds exactly with a dismount for me. I doubt this was the issue, mainly because i dont want to get my hopes up, but its interesting nonetheless.
  7. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    Thats really interesting!! I have not received this email on either Gsuite domains nor the backup email adresses, internally i think Drive and Docs are not the same, but this might be related nontheless. Assuming i dont get the email myself, please do give updates on whatever they announce!
  8. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    Interesting, i did notice the drives were able reconnect much quicker this time (only a few minutes) so depending on your usage during this time, it might not have disconnected since it wasnt active. (clouddrive only disconnects when it tries downloading data and fails, so if theres no activity on the drive it wont disconnect) I'm running server 2012 R2 myself, and havent had any issues aside from coulddrive, so im not sure if this is related, but worth making a note of! Great to hear, would love to hear back on your setup and if you run into anything feel free to ask, also if you want drop me a private message for discord or whatever if you want some more tips, will try to keep this topic focused on the dismounting issues. Again, since you seemingly didn't remount the drive (or there was no activity) during the rest of the 'trouble zone' its hard to tell if its the exact same issues, but it does seem very suspect its always this general 7-10pm timeframe. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My drives have been on a pretty high load due to drivepool duplicating all the time, so my graph very clearly shows when the connection drops(?) Its an interesting trend to see the issue is much less apparent as it was yesterday & the day before hopefully this continues and the issue is completely gone by the end of the week
  9. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    After the remount yesterday at 22:54 the drives remained mounted and fully functional at 200mbps+ The issues started again though today; 19:08 - dismount 19:31 - remount (i was in transit so it possibly started working again earlier, this is when i remounted though) 19:53 - dismount (only the old drive) 19:56 - remount 20:49 - dismount 20:55 - remount
  10. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    In that case you can set up a connection between radarr/sonarr and the plex server, allowing it to tell the server when new content is added, making full library refreshes unneccessary to do this - (sonarr and radarr is both the same) go to settings->connect & add plex media server then fill out the login, ip, port and give it a name. Enable on download, on upgrade & on rename, and also enable update library. This will make radarr/sonarr notify the server of new files, making library scans unneccesary Next, in plex under settings->server->library enable advanced settings and disable all library scanning (assuming you dont have any other libraries that require this) Then just manually run a library refresh every week or so just in case it missed anything due to outages etc. (recommended to temporarily disable prefetch or increase the trigger size and watch drive usage with this, its more likely to crash on this, though if pinning metadata & directories are both enabled this shouldn't be too much of an issue) I forgot to mention that yes, i am using encryption with the drive - as long as you;re not storing small files, and your bandwidth allows for it, recreating the drive with larger chunks will increase performance, though it will probably still function fine with 10mb chunks. Cache chunk size can be changed by simply detaching and reattaching the drive.
  11. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    it would be nice to compare times in particular, since it seems to be time related. The plex settings depend on how new content is added (do you use sonarr/radarr etc?). For clouddrive, (since i figured out its unrelated to the api calls), ive set it to the following: download threads 10 w/ no throttle - upload threads 5 w/ 175mbps throttle (due to plex streams) - background I/O checked. Minimum download size 10mb - prefetch trigger 1mb - prefetch forward 100mb - prefetch window 30sec Cache chunks are 100mb, drive chunks are 20mb (size 100TB) upload verification and pinning are all enabled cache is 90gb expandable on a 120gb SSD (dedicated to just this drive), but if you;re using HDD's with a lot more storage, increasing this will increase performance for everything thats cached, just dont fill it completely, as windows will complain.
  12. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    If your issue is actually the same as we are experiencing (same time-based stuff) we've already ruled out that usage is part of it, or atleast our usage, it could ofcourse be related to the total drive network usage, but that is yet to be determined. outside the 'dismount' time window i can max out my connection at over 300mbps down and 250mbps up with around 20 threads without issue, at the same time with even a single thread at low speed the drive dismounts, so i doubt disabling these features and/or trying to reduce api calls will resolve the issue (as it didnt for me). PS. i am also using plex, and when there are no issues (been using clouddrive for Quite a while) its actually Great! - the only cloud mounting software that can reliably allow for library scans etc. + if you have a decent cache size and/or fast download speeds, it can easily handle a lot of streams. you would have to create your own api keys Go here: https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library/drive.googleapis.com/ Create a project and enable the drive API for it. Then generate OAuth keys - these should consist of a client ID and Secret then edit the 'providersettings.json' under C:\ProgramData\StableBit CloudDrive and fill out the client ID & secret under google drive. When you reauthorize your drive, it should no longer display clouddrive(number) but the name you gave your project. You can now go to the drive api overview for your project and see the chart for all requests coming in. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- since i ruled out the api calls being part of the issue, my graph now looks a lot clearer, i dont really need to point out when the dismounts occur. Needless to say - when comparing the dismount times as i laid out in my previous (updated) post, its clear to see it has nothing to do with the api calls, as they are simply not going through when this happens (instead of 403 responses which you would get when a quota or rate limit is reached)
  13. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    Since i wanted to be extra sure i disabled all applications aside from drivepool (which is duplicating from one drive to the other) - this means there is exactly the same load on the drives all day long (throttled). The drives are still dismounting at seemingly the exact same times as you - i would say this 100% rules out any local system or usage related issues
  14. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    my drives just dismounted also - exactly at the same time, this cannot be a coincidence
  15. Drive on Google dismounting randomly

    'good' to hear its indeed the same time (so very likely the same issue) when affecting us. the server is running on a 1gb down/250mb up connection (250mn down guaranteed) - i dont assume its the provider itself throttling, but it might be something in between google and our servers/home connections that is causing the connection drop... i am unsure at this point. EDIT: also worth noting, since there was no other activity i can much more clearly isolate the errors im getting, in addition to the thread closed message i seem to be getting right before the drive dismounts, it spams the lg with this error for a good few minutes right before: CloudDrive.Service.exe Warning 0 [CloudDrive] Error getting write requests from driver. The system cannot find the file specified 2017-11-14 19:04:33Z 243712906469 CloudDrive.Service.exe Warning 0 [CloudDrive] Error updating statistics. The system cannot find the file specified 2017-11-14 19:04:33Z 243714996761