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  1. Those are great new features. Maybe I'll spool up a drive again, I tabled cloud drive a while back with concerns of losing access to data like you described. Especially given the investment to upload all the pieces.
  2. It appears mine has resumed working this morning.
  3. Actually today it has not worked at all for me, just sitting there and not uploading. Error has occured 58 times.
  4. Yeah but I have not experienced it since I've been back at my desk this week. But I have not been pushing clouddrive like I was.
  5. Sounds good, once added I will likely be adding some additional licenses.
  6. I was thinking of a use case for CloudDrive and I think this would be necessary because it would involve occasional unmounting and mounting of the drive. Which requires the cache to be rebuilt, kind of a bummer.
  7. How about an option to fetch and cache user defined folders?
  8. Well I wasn't experiencing the issue anymore, but I noticed that my computer started freezing with my cloud drives active. I had the one file share and one dropbox clouddrive active and after a while my computer would become unresponsive. I had to disable the cloud drives after a hard reset and I wont be running them for the time being. I wish I had more to provide you like an error or something, I'll try to check the logs later but I only really spend time at that desktop during the week while I'm working.
  9. So far so good but I'll follow up for sure. Thank you for the awesome support.
  10. I saw the release notes for 718 and it says this is fixed so I have installed 719 (yay ACD is back) and I'll see if the issue pops up again.
  11. OK so that did correct the behavior, but I guess I lose some functionality if there is a drive failure etc. Can this be a setting at the plugin level instead?
  12. I was reading about that but, another oddity I unchecked the SSD optimizer altogether and it still did it. It seems that it is marking my SSD to have 0 unduplicated files (the blue indicator is all the way to the left) and maybe that is why it keeps clearing it out?
  13. --------------------- OK so it re balanced like it should have, moving everything I pinned to the SSD back. Then once done at the bottom it says that the balance was not "optimal" I clicked the re-balance and it appears to be moving my pinned items back off the SSD Again. I assume it would continue this vicious cycle over and over?
  14. Maybe I don't have it set up properly, but it appears that the SSD optimizer is completly ifnoring my file placement options. I want a certain folder to always be on the SSD so I unchecked my Archive drive in File placement, but the optimizer still moves all the files over to the archive drive. Is it supposed to ignore my file placement earmarks? ------ hmm, well that's weird, it moved everything off on the last balance, but I stepped through the settings screens and clicked saved again. Now it appears to be moving it back, very odd.
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