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Keep new data on local drives and move old data to cloud




I'm trying to figure out how to best set up my DrivePool. My pool consists of:

  • Two local drives A and B (2 TB each)
  • Two cloud drives C and D

What I would like is for new data to be stored on A and B, and when they start to be full I'd like _old_ data to be moved from A and B to C. That way I have the newest data on my local drives, and older data is stored in the cloud.

Is this possible, and if so how?

What I have done:

  • I've played with the SSD optimizer, and marked the two local drives as SSD.
  • I've tried to play with the balancing triggers, but I'm unsure as to how I should adjust the balancing triggers to achieve my goal and I still have data being moved from local drives to cloud drive.
  • I reckon I could set the balancing trigger to start if for example at least 1,5 TB needs to be moved, but then it would move _all_ off the data, correct? I just want some of the oldest data moved.
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Not really.  At least not automatically.... this is something that we would like to implement (or at least *I* want to implement), but isn't feasible right now.


The best option may be to create two separate pools. Then use something like robocopy to only move the files older than "x" days over to the "CloudDrive" pool.  Set up a scheduled task to run it automatically.


Specifically, the robocopy switches you want are going to be one of these: 

/MAXAGE:n :: MAXimum file AGE - exclude files older than n days/date.
/MINAGE:n :: MINimum file AGE - exclude files newer than n days/date.
/MAXLAD:n :: MAXimum Last Access Date - exclude files unused since n.
/MINLAD:n :: MINimum Last Access Date - exclude files used since n.
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