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  1. I'm getting some weird behaviour here. Yesterday my Google Drive disappeared from Windows and DrivePool, but everything looked good in Cloud Drive, except for the fact that it didn't show any mount-point. Restarted the computer and the drive mounted properly for a few minutes, however it had changed it's name from "GD 128" to "OneDrive for Business" ? Now the drive keeps force unmounting because it can't read data from the provider, even though it's downloading at ~50 Mbps. It's also using 40-50+ download threads, even though I've limited it to 10 threads. And of course it want's
  2. Tried running chkdsk, it found errors, and chkdsk /f exited with "insufficient disk space to insert the index entry." I've made a new cloud drive and am uploading stuff again, thankfully only had about 5 TB on the drive that went RAW..
  3. Thanks Steffen! Found one chunk that had 3 versions, deleted the two newest ones, reset settings and db and rebooted. Still RAW :\ I'll make a ticket and keep my fingers crossed
  4. I'm sorry I think I'm being slow.. What chunks are you deleting? My drive is still RAW, the CONTENT folder is full of chunks, the ChunkIdStorage is empty. I'm not an admin on my google drive, so I can't restore anything deleted but looks like I can roll back individual files a day or two. Is there any hope?
  5. Alright, thanks! I'll be patient
  6. Yesterday I realized one of my folders on my DrivePool wasn't working, and when I opened the GUI I saw it said that one disk was missing. The missing disk is a Cloud Drive (Google Drive). I've tried rebooting, and detaching the drive, it re-attaches fine, but DrivePool still says the disk is missing. Disk Managment shows the Cloud Drive as RAW. Soo.. Is there any way I can fix this? Logging in to Google Drive it seems that all data is still there. Could I for example make a new Cloud Drive, move the data to the new disk (on Google Drive web interface), add that new disk to the pool and cr
  7. Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to best set up my DrivePool. My pool consists of: Two local drives A and B (2 TB each) Two cloud drives C and D What I would like is for new data to be stored on A and B, and when they start to be full I'd like _old_ data to be moved from A and B to C. That way I have the newest data on my local drives, and older data is stored in the cloud. Is this possible, and if so how? What I have done: I've played with the SSD optimizer, and marked the two local drives as SSD. I've tried to play with the balancing triggers, but I'm unsure as to how I should adj
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