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  1. Let me know if I am wrong : if I disable "Bypass File System Filters" then my antivirus would scan x3 duplicates files/folders 3 time rather than only 1 time?
  2. One question regarding Perfectdisk : Do you think that its Optiwrite function can work with pooled drives? Basicaly it would prevent fragmentation before it happens, but I am unsure if it can works with DrivePool "bypass file system filters".
  3. Thanks So first I did added a new SSD and Scanner's SMART window is empty here too The first SSD Sandisk Extreme II is plugged into Intel's mobo port and the second Sandisk Extreme Pro into M1115. I have made a video that shows what Scanner, Direct IO Test are showing. I have also included a Hard Disk Sentinel view that seems to read SMART without issue. https://youtu.be/Yh6yDzXk5nM
  4. The SSD is plugged into Intel's motherboard port and here is what scanner is showing : On Intel's other ports I also have WD green and Scanner read SMART values from them correctly. Same for REDs that are plugged into M1115 (RAID mode) SMART reading is ok.
  5. Thanks a LOT! DrivePool beta works and it is fast now I have no idea where the problem was but it is now fixed. Now that read striping is fixed I would try to speed up the write thing with SSD plugin. I am waitting for some good deal (since I need 3) on fast 250Gb SSD. Thanks again.
  6. I don't know what happend but it realy looks like it read only from one disk. I have made an other test : 2 movies on a pool with x3 duplication so both movies are present in 3 differents hard drives. I did then launch a copy of one movie 1 on a drive A outside the pool and movie 2 on drive B outside the pool. Please take a look at what happen then (the PC's specs at the bottom left are not correct : I did remote desktop to my server so this is not the server specs) : https://youtu.be/w4U9Atgtk8s
  7. ok thanks, I will go with TLER enabled.
  8. Glad to hear you will look at it What is very strange is that I did face this issue using 2 differents systems (Win 10 and Server 2012 r2), and 2 differents hardware controlers (Intel ICH10R, IBM M1115), even the motherboards are from different brand (Asrock, Gigabit), processor (Sandy, Ivy) etc... My AV is also different : on Server 2012 R2, Symantec Endpoint Protection, on Win 10, Bitdefender Total Security 2016. The only common thing is the chipset : Z77
  9. Hello, As you maybe know I am comming from home made NAS that was using Intel RAID 10 4x4Tb RED drives. Since those drives are no longuer part of RAID array, I was wondering if I should disable TLER in order to let the drives to do their own error recovery. Or should I let it enabled? Thanks
  10. If you read again my first post, I clearly explain that : "- the pool has real time duplication, read sriping, bypass system filters set to ON and file protection set to file duplication" if you prefer, file duplication is set to "x2" for the whole pool. Again, if your look at my first post, I explain that first I did start the copy of one file on the pool to a SSD (outside the pool) then I did started to copy an other file on the pool to a HD (outside the pool). If you look at the copy screenshot you can see that even when copying 2 differents files from the pool at the same ti
  11. I am afraid the issue could afect other systems than Windows 10... I did made the same copy test that I did under Windows 10 but this time with DrivePool installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 and I see the exact same thing : read stripping doesn't seems to work. I guess you could easily reproduce the issue on your side.
  12. Well backup of each client won't be bigger than 50 Gb since most of their datas are already on server's SMB shares. Also, second bigest file transfert would probably be movies and won't exceed this size. But you are right regarding the SSD size it is very important not to underscale. I was thinking to add 3 x CRUCIAL BX100 250Gb SSDs because they are not expessive (less than €85), they are MLC based SSD, their write speed is 370Mb/s and are extremly power efficient. But again, nothing choosed yet.
  13. You are right : client backups (Acronis backup, not Windows backup) wont run @ 125Mb/s since during file copy tests it did cap at 118Mb/s. Also I wouldn't schedule client backup to run at the same time...but again IF this happend, or other scenario with concurent file transfert then I want it to run uncapped @118Mb/s for each client. So...118Mb/s x3 = 354Mb/s Also imagine that tomorow I will add 1 more 1Gb link or maybe a single 10Gb link for a new PC then theoretical write would be higher again. I am simply wondering if sequential write is the only spec I should look at, or maybe
  14. About the SSDs for caching, what are the most important specs? Let me know if this is correct, and or, if I am missing things : - SSD based on MLC since caching may involve a lot of write/delete and MLC are less prone to wear than TLC - in my case, the worst case is that 3 clients would upload their backups at the same time to the server running DrivePool. Since each client would use 1Gb ethernet link : 125Mb/s x 3 = 375Mb/s So each SSD should be capable of at least 375Mb/s sequential write.
  15. Thanks a lot, it works. Just a note : it loks like "DrivePool.Service.exe.config " wasn't present in my computer, only DrivePool.Service.exe.default.config was here.
  16. Well...in my case, disks are from same model and ports from same chipset/speed. Also both disks where tested read/write at the very exact same speed. Read striping was on as @Umfriend said "Lire la bande" = Read striping I did upload the logs in .rar archive. Just a note : I did started the log record, started copy one file from the pool to drive A, started copy of an other file from the pool to drive B, then stopped the copy, stoped log reccording. I didn't have Stablebit Scanner installed, I was using HD Sentinel ... so I did uninstalled HD Sentine
  17. I guess I did misread DrivePool 's doc since it was talking about block based copying, I think it was capable of reading from multiple disk at same time. That is exactly what I did tried to do in the second part of my copy test (check the screenshot) : I did launch a copy of file A to a SSD (outside the pool) and a copy of file B to a HD (outside the pool). You can see on the screenshot that even in this case the read is only done on one disk of the pool.
  18. On version BETA, it has no effect, UI is still in french.
  19. Since I was running Windows 10 pro insider build 10532, and was thinking it could be the root of my issue, I did a fresh install of standard Windows 10 pro (not insider). The result is the same, the copy only read from a single disk at the same time. Then I think : maybe it can be that my Intel ports (where all HD, SSD are plugged) are set to RAID mode in BIOS, even if HD are not "raided". So I did made some changes in order to Windows 10 to run in AHCI mode rather than RAID mode : same result
  20. I would like to use DrivePool in english but my system is in french so I did try to change : <setting name="DrivePool_CultureOverride" serializeAs="String"> to <setting name="DrivePool_CultureOverride" serializeAs="en"> I did even restart my PC : no luck UI is still in french
  21. Hello, On my Windows 10 PC (insider build 10532 + DrivePool_2.2.0.636_x64_BETA) I did the following tests : - 1 pool with 2 HDs, both HD are the same model : WD Green 4 Tb. Each drive tested outside the pool shows a read speed of 150Mb/s (empty disk) - the pool has real time duplication, read sriping, bypass system filters set to ON and file protection set to file duplication. - on this pool I have copied 2 movies (25Gb, 15Gb) - on this pc one SSD capable of 470Mb/s write, and one HD 140Mb/s Now... - if I try to copy one movie from the pool to the SSD, DrivePool only read from 1 HD
  22. That is funny : as I was Googling thing like "M1115 flash IT" or things like that, I ended back here, reading some of your posts saying that you were running a M1115 .
  23. Trying to find the right SAS/SATA card... Can you tell me if this one is ok : http://www.ebay.fr/itm/IBM-ServeRaid-M1015-SATA-SAS-HBA-Controller-RAID-6Gbps-PCIe-x8-wie-9220-8i-/141741562185?hash=item2100749949 EDIT : I ended buying a ServeRAID M1115 that is a newer version of the M1015 and was cheaper than M1015 : 100$ shipped to France. I hope I would be able to run it on my home server that in fact has a "standard" motherboard and not a server class one. http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/technotes/tips0856.pdf
  24. Thanks a lot for your help. Yes I have read most part of the manual, but I guess I should experiment virtualy inside VM before jumping to real life scenario Regarding the number of SSD (for a x3 duplication) can't we cheat the plugin by creating 3 partitions on one single SSD?
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