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  1. Hi Christopher, thanks for your help. I increased the timeouts to 25s and retries to 25 in the config file. In the GUI, I set the write threads to 1 and read threads to 2. Now CloudDrive is steadily uploading at 1MBit/s! :-) I'll toy with the settings to see what's helping/hurting the most, but I already know that I can't increase the write threads, because I immediately get errors. Cheers!
  2. No, I'm with Deutsche Telekom in Germany. I've played with thread, http read/write/timeout and prefetch settings, but without further knowledge of what's happening in the background I'm lost, because the error messages stay the same. I'd really like to backup my most important stuff encrypted in the cloud, but for now I probably have to stick to the offline backup way.
  3. Hi, I'm probably at the lower end of the supported internet bandwith (or below *cough*) with my DSL 16MBit down / 1MBit up, but I'm getting I/O errors with both tested providers (Box and Dropbox). Do I have to modify my configuration? And do you need more information to diagnose the problem? Cheers! P.S. Although both cloud drives are already mounted as folders in my DrivePool pool drive folder (as pool drives don't get a drive letter in my setup), I haven't added them to DrivePool yet.
  4. First of all, this product sounds great! This is something I've been looking for for quite some time. I especially like that one can bundle multiple providers via DrivePool as I've collected lots of cloud space from several providers. As soon as I get home (to fetch my activation ID), I'll get a license. But now to my question: Is there a reason why MEGA (https://mega.co.nz/) is not supported? And will it be eventually?
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