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  1. Hi I always use the quick removal option but everything in my pool is 2x normally takes only a minute or two but everybody is different
  2. Don't rush bud we'll just tell everybody to switch their computers of for 10 seconds and everything will be fixed but seriously health and family should always come first relax for a while
  3. Just Updated my Hardware still work in progress left the old setup photo and inc a new setup photo still waiting on some backorder items. http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/5-my-rackmount-server/&do=findComment&comment=108
  4. They will Chris has been unwell so he's on and off at the moment you have 30 days before activation is needed plus it's the weekend now give it a few more days
  5. lol I have had kidney stones twice now and had to have them surgically removed and let me tell you there's only one way to get them and they need a camera and laser or tweezers 😵 I can piss in 2 urinals and the same time
  6. Hi had a similar problem scanner flagged a drive but wd tools said it was fine I still have/use the drive to this day I just set scanner not to scan that particular drive
  7. Lol Aaron having done a little checking even tho your not covered by the credit card company you are still covered under the distance selling regulations I would make a formal complaint to the governing body where you live even check with your bank they may also have some leverage failing that check weather the local authority can help
  8. Hi Chris yes there rackmount with rails and lugs but I live in the U.K. So the postage is the killer I've seen sweet Deals in the us only to be find the postage costs more than the item. All the stuff is my original rackmount gear which can be found on here inc photos my new setups are ryzen powered 😜But I have a long list of missing stuff before I can complete the builds.
  9. That's the life of a computer user when it goes wrong it really goes wrong nothing is ever simple. I just upgraded my entire server rack and I have a long list of missing parts ready for the phone call to my supplier in the morning one of which is a faulty 24 bay expander backplane which half the led's dont work which will need replacing it's a shame you don't live closer I have an ever growing list of spare stuff to sell at some point 1 x 24bay array 1 x 1500 apc ups new version 1 x 2200 apc ups old version 1 x 48 port netgear switch 2 x 4u server cases 1 x 36 port raid/hba 1 x 36 port sas expander 8 x 4 bay drive caddys 2 x 8 port hba's 2 x 3 bay drive caddys 2 x and fx 8150 black 2 x asus crosshair v motherboards That's just off the top my head I'll post my new setup once it's complete hopefully over the few weeks
  10. Hi did you pay with a credit card if so you will be covered under section 75 I think it is which means ring the card company tell them the problem then they will contact norco direct and believe me when a company is threatened with losing its ability to accept payments they tend to sort things out and credit card companies Don't mess around I did it once took the company 6 months before visa would allow them any transactions again power to the people
  11. Hi I use an Lsi card and they do boot before the bios the only time mine hung was when it had trouble reading a drive which was failing
  12. Looks like you have covered all the bases that's why I liked the older versions they had separate cards for the drives so there cheap to replace the new ones just use one interface card which costs 5 times as much
  13. Hi have you also tried the power connector sometimes the prongs of a molex can get pushed out so try another power connector as well Have you had the backplane off to inspect it may well be a lose connection or more likely a resistor either way you could be looking at a $5 fix I had a apc ups with a faulty relay would not charge batteries cost to fix via vendor £350 plus return postage intotal around £450 I found a relay on eBay for 99p has worked flawlessly since
  14. Hi bud Don't let it beat you at this point it's all about damage limitation I would strip the server completely remove the backplanes from the server everything then on a table build the server outside the case and try connect one of the back planes with a reverse breakout cable to the on board sata ports do this to check all the back planes if no joy your going to have to replace them if you get a good one then try that via the controller then via the expander then via every port you can test its time consuming but it's the going to be your only way of testing what you have and it won't cost you anything to do. Also if you think you have some bad soldier joints just reheat them it normally does the trick again you can't break something if it's already broken so it's worth trying
  15. Use scanner and set a lower heat throttling level in setting only problem is you may get reduced performance
  16. Hi that's good to know hope it works I just ordered the new ryzen hopefully here today/tomorrow so I'll be tinkering myself. And ryzen 1700x Asus crosshair x370 250gb Samsung evo M.2 16gb corsair vengeance We need to start a thread for selling our spare parts on here I have loads of bits that may be useful to other people what do you think Chris
  17. I actually thought the same I don't use cloud drive but seeing that many users are losing or having trouble with large drives if it is possible why not make 1tb drives or less combine them to one pool then when the errors start one would think the loss would be minimal but I haven't used cloud drive and don't know if that's even possible just an idea
  18. Do you use the built in server backup if so go back a few days or even a week if then everything returns to normal working conditions turn auto update off because that setting is pure evil and install each update one at a time over the course of a few days see which one breaks the server. If however rolling back the os does not fix the problem your going to have to start digging deeper and will need another machine to start testing components but I would advise removing your pooled drives for now and keep them safe and just use an older not critical drive for testing
  19. I can see why people are getting nervous even drashna seems to only check in once or twice a week these days and the forum is very quite compared to what it used be But the product does work it would be nice to see new versions complementing the operating systems as well as trying to take advantage of things like REFS which will replace NTFS and people's requests for the option to use parity and many other things as it's running the risk of being outdated. One thing I would suggest is Alex needs a better pricing structure free updates for life is never going to work from a business point of view he needs money to be able to continue to develop the software he needs to adopt a similar pricing structure to other programs in the same category like ihomeserver and lights out you get 1 year of free updates after that you pay a small fee to extend if you want to then every now and then you pay full for the new improved version. As they say money does not grow on trees not yet anyway.
  20. Lsi adapter sas2308 mustang- storport Driver provider - Lsi corporation Driver date - 19/02/2015 Driver version -
  21. Indeed that's the joy of computers I use a Lsi hba I'll check my drivers when I get home in about 5 hrs and post them here see it helps you
  22. It could be anything and not necessarily a drivepool problem you need to start the process of elimination try the card in another machine see if you can rule out hardware fault or a different slot in the server
  23. lee1978

    Drivepool and ReFS

    Hi yes being using Refs with drivepool for well over a year now and not had any problems whatsoever even tho drivepool doesn't officially support Refs yet. I haven't noticed any performance issues but since everybody's machines are different how yours will perform is an unknown
  24. lee1978

    Drivepool and ReFS

    Hi I have been using REFS for ages now and have not suffered any file corruption or bit rot since I swapped. the only downfall is to get the self heal you have to use storage spaces some of us were hoping Alex might be able to get it to work with drivepool but he's been Working on cloud drive for so long now it's well on the back burner. On a side note I run an identical pool with storage space and it works just as well as drivepool with the added benefit if it works self heal.
  25. Hi I don't think it's so much a ban more like delete everything 😡
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