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    cocksy_boy reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in Is there a way to conduct a File System Health scan / check only?   
    You can reset the status, and it will flag it to get scanned. 
    https://stablebit.com/Support/Scanner/2.X/Manual?Section=Disk Scanning Panel#File System Health
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    cocksy_boy reacted to Christopher (Drashna) in Backing up duplicated pool   
    Okay, and as long as it's just the 2 disks, then you should be fine with doing this.
    Once you have more than two disks, this gets a lot more complicated.
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    cocksy_boy reacted to Umfriend in Server Backup and duplication question   
    Actually, that is what I do: 2 x 2TB Pool, full duplication and I backup one of the two. Should I need to have more memory than I'll add another 2x2TB in a seperate Pool and backup _one_ drive of each Pool.
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