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  1. So far the above card no workee - I'm not sure I want to spend big $ for SATA ports but would be happy to learn of cards you found worked. Maybe move to new thread?
  2. britgeezer

    Lost my pool

    The extra alpha numeric folders were from 2014 and empty, happy to say no problems when I deleted them. I managed to empty my 8TB drive and format to get rid of the junk folders and now I'm reduplicating the storage files to ensure they are duplicated on different HD's. Thanks to all for the help.
  3. britgeezer

    Lost my pool

    Had limited time so had to decide. Erased the files mentioned above. DP recovered well, as expected. In the process of changing the duplication just to be able to remove my 8TB drive and format to delete the unused folder that I cant get admin rights to - will format and return to pool and set Dupe to my normal ASAP. Decided to give "us" a bonus and purchased a new 3 item license.
  4. So in another thread you will see I ran into problems adding 2 older 256GB SSD's. Anyway after a complete OS install and after there is resolution of my folder questions, I will be following your information above. I will probably add a 2nd 500GB SSD for simplicity and to avoid the driver issues that started my problems, but its good to know you thought ahead on these points. Before I read this reply, I have to admit I "cheaped out" on a SYBA SI-PEX40094 PCI-E add-in card SATA card, but fortunately it will only have to work with an occasional use optical device unless I add another "Red" in a year or 2. Maybe I will try an SSD on it for the sake of science... and let you know.
  5. britgeezer

    Lost my pool

    OK I can see and access my drives. I see that .covefs has a folder (reparse) which is empty. That you suggest to delete? Trying to send a screen shot of my drives (that didn't work) since I have some strangely named folders which state they are empty. Example is my 8TB has 2 folders: PoolPart.18037.... lots of alpaha numeric (AN) - its empty. dated 5/24/2107 PoolPart.da 12b ...... lots of AN - with the folders: dated 10/08/2017 .covefs. FileHistory ServerFolders - full of my files. 3 AN folders - empty but dated from 10/2014 I have show hidden files turned on. One of my 6TB HD's has the same empty folders from 2014, the other doesn't. Should I be deleting these empty folders before installing DP? They seem to be left over from a previous install back in 2014 Hmm, I think I'm past that; now have the new OS installed and you see above some questions on removing old folders from my storage drives. PS could you please reset my activation codes DP and Scanner at your end.
  6. britgeezer

    Lost my pool

    Disconnect all drives that have DrivePool used and build you a fresh install. DONE Do not install DrivePool until you have looked at each drive and verified the filesystem on each partition on the drives. You can at that time move all files from the Hidden PoolPart to a Temp Filename. Then delete the covefs ( I found that was important) The problem was me trying to install older SSD's that per magician needed new drivers. I messed around too much. New OS is in, just about to connect the storage drives that have the pool, not sure I can move files as you suggest I have 2 x 6TB and 1x8TB and not enough space to move them although about 60% are duplicates. I don't understand covefs I'll try to to send a screen shot or a file of what I can see.
  7. britgeezer

    Lost my pool

    Update - PC wouldn't boot this morning so I'm doing a fresh install. My fault I messed around with too much. Will probably need your help to reset my DP and Scanner codes since I was unable to turn them off my end. Finders crossed that the pool is there intact - it normally is
  8. britgeezer

    Lost my pool

    I was messing around adding SSD's for optimizer (see the sticky thread above) when I started getting errors in adding 2 identical 256GB SSD's, one stopped at 95%, the other gave a message saying can't add same drive. I accepted an option to apply default settings and now have lost access to the Pool. The correct pool name is there in a largely blank screen but all the storage drives have the + option to add the drives. I get a message saying can't add the drives if I try. The pool status bar at the bottom shows no pool when I run the cursor over it. I think I have messed up Drivepool itself and the information on my normal pool is lost since I can't see the normal display (using W10) - thought I would post here for help before I try to reinstall DP beta version. I did disconnect the 2 new SSD's since they had generated a message to DL new drivers 55005/-RST. I did try loading them but it came back with a wrong version error. PC boots OK but DP doesn't load automatically and takes 2-3 minutes to load if I open the link. Help please.
  9. Really appreciate the quick reply. Pardon me if this information is available in any help file for SSD optimizer. OK, whats the rule about size and number of the SSD's? - If the SSD's are not equal in size, does the optimizer just treat them as both the same size as the smallest? - How does 3 SSD's work vs. 4? - I'm running out of SATA ports, adding them via an add in card is OK for Optimizer? So I could just turn off real time Dupe. Thought I did that, but 48hrs later files were still on SSD and had duplicated there just like your warning. I'll try again before deciding on adding another SSD.
  10. I did not quite understand this answer as in the part about duplication. As far as I understood, I had not turned on duplication to the 512GB SSD only to the folders on the pool. However, since the files did not later transfer to the pool - it would seem that I need 2x SSD even to store the files and then have them later move automatically move to the spinners in the pool. That's a shame since I have one spare 512GB but only 2x 256GB SSD's So to recap - its not possible to set a single SSD to receive the files and later transfer to the main pool if duplication is set there?
  11. As might be expected you were correct, its there. SSD set up now to see what happens when I copy some new files. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I recently converted to W10 from WHS2011, after a few issues I'm running without too many issues. I had converted a 512GB SSD for use in DP, but although its seen it was not used - Then I discovered I should the use SSD optimizer plug in. I downloaded it, but cant run it. I get an error message "must use DP 2.xx" to use this version of SSD Opt. Based on messages here, I'm actually using beta, shouldn't that let me use SSD opt.? If I need to go back to 2.1.1. 561 how do I do it? Also I gained some files that I don't know what they are and can't open them or see size. I'm guessing there is one file for each of my spinners. Is that correct?. .Forum will not let me post a snipit of the folders name, but its a long alpha numeric sequence I duplicate most but not all of my server folders. Please let me know how I can use my SSD. Thanks guys.
  13. britgeezer

    At a loss...

    Yes its a hard way to find out. I have been gradually replacing Greens with Reds.
  14. All Fixed I now have installed as an add-on and it has the options that let the Marvel chipset report correctly. Don't understand why it didn't install that version correctly (add-on listed a different version than was reported in scanner) since it was just a few days ago, but it all seems OK now. As long as I don't need to add more drives this server at some future time, its final - (case covers back on)
  15. I'm using the version , which does not have this option. However, since I know that the W7 + version also works I guess I might as well installation that one and use this feature. Next step upgrade version. Hmm Scanner indicates version but when I try to load I get an error message "already installed" When I run avast thinks its a virus. Sigh....
  16. It took several weeks, but my reinstall of WHS 2011, Scanner and DP; together with replacing some 3TB drives that scanner didn't like is now complete. The only "issue" left, is that with my Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 MB that uses the Marvell 88SE9172 chipset, Scanner reports SMART is not available on just those SATA ports. I know for sure its just this controller since when I moved the drives to different SATA ports the problem changed drives - i.e. its port related. This MB has: 2 SATA 6 Gb/s via Intel Z68 chipset 2 SATA 3 Gb/s via Intel Z68 chipset 2SATA 6Gb/s via Marvel 88SE9172 chipset. I need to use 6 SATA ports and its all working fine, except no Smart data from Marvell. I would be nice to find a MB that had more SATA 3 ports but they don't seem to exist with LGA1155, add on cards may not be better (comments?) and Z97 chipsets needs a new CPU socket. A while back, I was told here about some settings in scanner that I could change, but that was prior to the new SW install and I can't find the thread. is there a simple way to get SMART to work on the Marvel chipset? As you can perhaps understand, I don't want to kill my otherwise nicely running server. BG
  17. I guess it may be strange but: I previously upgraded DP to version 2.XX and for me I accessed it through Dashboard, didn't notice any option to do it differently. 1.XX is now reinstalled and does what I need it to. I will it it alone for now - its all working fine for me. If I see a new must have feature I will update (again) PS @ dsteinschneider There is an option to remember your password for dashboard, mine used to take 30 secs or more to load but is now about 5-8 secs.
  18. Absolutely, not an automatic option. I'm OK if someone wants to turn this feature on (if provided) but not for the default.
  19. Thanks for the list of differences, I mostly didn't need them so I'm happy for the integration. DP and Scanner a great team.
  20. OK happy to say 1.3.xx is back, funky (per scanner) 3TB HD removed and replaced with 4TB. Lots of balancing, duplicating and HD scanning going on. Will leave it overnight and look for any issues (not expected) in the morning. The only problem I have to fix is getting my network Dashboard sessions to work again - but that's a WHS 2011 issue.
  21. As it happens, I uninstalled ver 2.xx and put back the 1.3. To be honest it looks the same to me and just lists 1.3 as an add-in, it did however fix an issue of a duplicate folder from the recovery. Not sure what features I lost - guess I didn't need them. Think I will stay with this version while I use the WHS 2011 OS.
  22. Is there a plus or minus to revert to 1.3 since my OS is WHS 2011?
  23. I'm beyond that, DP is now working. What is your suggestion about the DP version?
  24. Well DP was not listed under Services, but DPool Service.exe was listed as a process (0% CPU use). I ran the executable manually and got error 0, Unable to start service can't control handle to pool. After that the yellow bar "connection to service" ran a long time but DP didn't work. I restored a previous status version, but nothing changed for DP. I tried to install DP (latest WHS 2011) but it failed to install and gave an error message unable to install add-in. WHS 2011 wanted to update so with some reservation, I allowed it (again) and after many reboots DP was working again and all folders could be accessed. So a question if I may. According to Dashboard I'm running DP version which is for W7, when my OS is WHS 2011. Should I leave it or attempt to to install If the answer is go with 7585, how would I do that? Uninstall the other version or just try to install the correct version over it?
  25. Latest version of DP on the web site: For WHS 2011 is For W7 is I don't know exactly how but I ended up running vers (W7) on WHS 2011 it works and shows up in dashboard, but not as an add in. I wouldn't do the same unless a MOD confirms, I have been looking at ways to go back to the WHS 2011 version but so far it works ...
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