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  1. Alex

    Cloud Providers

    As I was writing the various providers for StableBit CloudDrive I got a sense for how well each one performs / scales and the various quirks of some cloud services. I'm going to use this thread to describe my observations. As Stablebit CloudDrive grows, I'm sure that my understanding of the various providers will improve as well. Also remember, this is from a developer's point of view. Google Cloud Storage http://cloud.google.com/storage Pros: Reasonably fast. Simple API. Reliable. Scales very well. Cons: Not the fastest provider. Especially slow when deleting existing chunks
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  2. Well, Alex has covered the development side of this, I've been looking into the pricing of the different providers. While "unlimited" is clearly the best option for many here, I want focus on the "big" providers (Amazon S3, Azure Storage, and Google Cloud Storage). Unfortunately, for many users, the high cost associated with these providers may immediately put them out of range. But we still think it is a good idea to compare the pricing (at least for reference sake). All three of these providers include a storage pricing (how much data you're storing), "Request" pricing (how many API
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